Illegals Stealing the Vote with Forged IDs


A former United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent, retired Special-Agent-In-Charge Claude Arnold exposed before Congress how easy it is for illegal aliens to obtain forged IDs, including a driver’s license and a Social Security card – and then go vote.

Claude Arnold said the most popular document forging option for illegal immigrants is known as the “three-pack,” The pack includes a counterfeit Social Security card, drivers license, and work authorization card. Illegals know exactly where to go to get the documents and they are inexpensive.

Costs range from $120 to $300. A counterfeiter needs just a few hours to put the documents together. No one is checking for this either, in fact, it’s just the opposite.

In 2015, Federal courts ruled that illegals can’t be arrested for identity theft if they are looking for a job. When it became known that illegals stole one million Social Security cards, the IRS told no one. IRS chief Koskinen unilaterally rewrote laws concerning identity theft and claimed that if illegals are stealing identities for a job and are paying taxes, it’s not a normal identity theft situation and it’s in everyone’s interests to let it conintue.

Illegals are voting in our elections, but, again, it’s easy and people here illegally are generally safe from prosecution. It is estimated that there are three million illegal aliens in California alone and they have Motor Voter laws which make voting by people here illegally very simple.

H/T Mike Wingeier


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