Illinois Gives Non-Citizens IDs So They Can Vote in all Elections


Illinois will allow non-citizens and other non-eligible voters to cast a ballot in all elections. The city of Chicago is enabling this by giving official government IDs to anyone who wants them. The IDs will allow non-citizens to vote. The officials are also lying about it.

Illinois Will Allow Non-Citizens to Vote

An elected official, Chicago Alderman Amiya Pawar went appeared on Tucker’s show Tuesday evening and said you need proof of citizenship to register to vote. That is not true. All anyone needs in Illinois and 45 other states is an address and an official ID to register to vote. Pawar said he is an expert on election laws so ignorance on his part can’t be an excuse.

Democrats don’t care about citizens and they won’t try to fix your problems. They have abandoned the middle class and are the party of foreigners.

What Pawar said is provably false. The fact is there are only four states that require proof of citizenship to register to vote. Illinois isn’t one of them.

The anti-American forces are out in full force on this issue and we all know why. Kris Kobach, the secretary of state of Kansas, is being sued by the ACLU over election security laws. The ACLU ridiculously claims requiring a birth certificate is an unconstitutional burden for voters. Another ACLU argument is that Motor Voter laws carve out a special exemption to not require proof of citizenship to vote.

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