Illogical John McCain Blames President Trump for Assad Chemical Attack


The senator from Arizona John McCain said Sunday that President Trump saying he would leave Syria “very soon” “emboldened” Bashar al-Assad and led to the chemical attack on innocents in a rebel town in Syria.

“President Trump last week signaled to the world that the United States would prematurely withdraw from Syria,” the Arizona senator said in a statement. “Bashar Assad and his Russian and Iranian backers have heard him, and emboldened by American inaction, Assad has reportedly launched another chemical attack against innocent men, women, and children, this time in Douma.”

CNN couldn’t get that comment up fast enough.

That is a ridiculous statement in any case. If anything, they were forcing Trump to stay and to act.

The McCain statement came hours after Trump tweeted, there will be a “Big price to pay.”

No one can even get in to help the people because it’s blocked by the Assad forces.

President Trump condemned Obama’s inaction when Assad crossed his “stated Red Line”.

Democrat Alan Dershowitz said Obama’s lack of action created a vacuum in Syria, emboldening Assad and essentially inviting Russia and Iran to play more prominent roles in the Syrian civil war. That is what happened. He called it a “tragic mistake”.

Calls For a Response

McCain wants a strong response. “The President responded decisively when Assad used chemical weapons last year. He should do so again, and demonstrate that Assad will pay a price for his war crimes.”

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said in a statement that the attack, if confirmed, “would be a war crime of staggering inhumanity.” She called for international unity and “a thorough investigation,” adding that members of Congress expected a comprehensive briefing on the matter.

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham advocated for a significant ramp-up in anti-Assad actions.

“To me, I would destroy Assad’s air force,” the South Carolina Republican said on ABC’s “This Week.” “I would create safe zones in Syria where people can come back to their country from the surrounding area and live a better life. Train up Syrians to take on Assad so we can negotiate in Geneva from a position of strength.”

Graham called on the President to “follow through with that tweet,” claiming inaction would weaken the United States’ on the international stage.

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