I’m Confused, Obamacare Is Democrats’ Fault, Not Trump’s


I’m confused. Barack Obama and the Democrats shoved a bad healthcare bill down our throats with extortion, payoffs and corrupt congressional maneuvers. The rollout on the website was a colossal joke. The plan is a disaster with premiums and deductibles becoming more and more unsustainable while the people on subsidies are kept dumb and happy.

However, the media can only talk about the failure of the Republican healthcare bill that was aimed at trying to fix it in less than three months into the new administration.

Politico posts the media comments on every issue. We pulled this one about healthcare.

PALACE INTRIGUE — “White House ponders reorganization after health care debacle,” by Alex Isenstadt and Shane Goldmacher: “Less than three months into Donald Trump’s White House, top advisers are exploring organizational changes to stabilize an administration consumed by crisis and chaos. Following the failure to advance health-care legislation, senior officials, including Vice President Mike Pence, chief of staff Reince Priebus, senior adviser Jared Kushner, chief strategist Steve Bannon, and chief economic adviser Gary Cohn gathered this week to hold post-mortems about what went wrong…

Why is this Trump’s problem? He’s working on it while Obama was working on making it worse and continually had his HHS Secretary writing laws to fix other illegal laws written into the thousands of pages of Obamacare.

On Long Island, the doctors don’t accept Obamacare exchanges because – when they do pay – they don’t pay much. My doctor was getting $36 a visit. Tell me why a doctor should go to school until he’s 28 years and go into deep debt to make one-third of what my mechanic makes.

Go through Politico’s feed. It’s the hate trump feed. This is news?

It’s called the POLITICO Playbook, POLITICO’s must-read briefing on what’s driving the day in Washington. That’s not a joke.

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