I’m Old Enough to Remember When MSM Said the Mueller Report Is About Collusion


The corrupt media and far-left Democrat Party are already moving the goalposts and pretending the real probes were always about the Southern District of New York, and the Mueller report was never about Russia-Trump collusion.

Democrats demanded a special counsel and a lengthy probe of the President and his possible collusion with Russia with no evidence. They were joined in this effort by the Democrat media.

For over two years, they have insisted we trust the Mueller report. They were convinced the report would give them grounds to impeach the President.


The Democrat media is rewriting the history of the Mueller report coverage to cover up what they have done for the past two-plus years. For example, CBS WINS this morning called The Mueller Report, The Russian Interference in the Election Report. We kid you not. That defies reality since the media has called it the report on Russia-Trump collusion and obstruction of justice for over two years.

They are also claiming their angst has always been about the other investigations by the Southern District of New York and others.

Brian Stelter

Brian Stelter opened his show defending his network’s abysmal coverage of the Mueller investigation. He pointed to mistakes he claims Fox News and far-left sites make, indicating that does not include CNN when it clearly does.

“Don’t be fooled by the partisans who cherry pick the worst mistakes of individual journalists or the craziest ideas from commentators and claim that’s the entire media,” Stelter said. “It’s not.”

No Brian, it is the entire media with over 90 percent negative coverage of the President no matter what he does. Some of the worst botched reporting came from CNN.

If they are so unbiased, why were they fighting back tears and anger when they heard the President and his family would not be indicted. These are the people who would put all political opponents in gulags if they could.

It’s good we have videos!

They are pretending they didn’t do this for two plus years:


The MSM set up the narrative that the President is a criminal. The media smeared the President and others from the beginning without any evidence.

Mark Levin covered this on Fox & Friends Sunday morning.

The DOJ and FBI and others were leaking to the MSM for years to damage the President.

The media has lied to the people and will continue to do so. They are the ones who are done.


  1. Their true believer followers have the attention span of a gnat in late summer so goalpost moving won’t be a problem for the comrades. Forward!

    • Even “gnats” I do believe have a longer attention span than these “dense” creatures!!! The fake corrupted mainstream media nave been disseminating “carrion swill propaganda” for years and at least 50% of the US population have been brainwashed beyond redemption…and over 70% of NATO denizens…Pathetic!!!

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