I’m Poor Because I Won’t Work-Billions Wasted By Social Security


Don't Work, We Have Free Money

President Obama said he wants to find waste in our government so I have been trying to help him out. The site dirtyspendingsecrets.com found plenty of wasteful government spending so I posted that and will notify the WH at once. There is also the waste in government website – I’ll send that on too with Eric Cantor’s YouCut recommendations.

Now I see we blew over 8 billion in fraudulent social security payments. Billions went to people who didn’t earn social security and are getting a check for not earning money. Tell me, if you don’t feel like working and that makes you poor, should you receive money from those who do work? When President Clinton reformed welfare, he required the “poor” to show they were not able to work. Now, thanks to changes under Pelosi, we no longer require the able-bodied “poor” to show they have tried to find a job. Read here: I found some more fraud and waste for the President

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