Imaginary Caravan Is Coming In, Someone Tell Shep Smith


On Monday, the transgender ‘refugees’ arrived in Tijuana. By Tuesday, hundreds more rode in by bus. and they took what space was left.

The Border Patrol arrested two groups of caravaners Wednesday as they tried to sneak into the country illegally.

The Tuesday migrant arrivals spilled onto an oceanfront plaza sandwiched between an old bullring and a border fence topped with recently installed concertina wire. Some climbed the border fence and jeered (see below).

The caravan of illegal immigrants likely includes gang members and criminals according to DHS.

Thousands will start trickling in now with some still 1,000 miles away. It will be a continuous stream and has been. Without the caravans, Border Patrol is capturing about 50,000 illegal aliens a month and those are only the ones they catch.

Shep Smith thinks this is a manufactured problem.

Watch footage of the caravan members jeering at U.S. authorities from the fence below. Though some members reportedly jumped onto American soil, they immediately fled back across to the Mexican side of the border in fear of quickly approaching U.S. Border Patrol agents carrying machine guns.

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