Immigrant in US via Chain Migration Launched a Terror Attack in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


Department of Homeland Security Acting Press Secretary Tyler Houlton confirmed in a statement late Saturday that a Pennsylvania man, 51-year old Ahmed El-Mofty targeted police in a terror attack near Harrisburg on Friday.

The terrorist entered the United States through the process of ‘chain migration’.

Penn Live reported that El-Mofty fired shots at a Capitol Police cruiser unprovoked. The bullet went through the windshield. He then chased and injured a female state police trooper but was finally killed by officers when he opened fire on them with two handguns.

The female officer is “doing well”.

El-Mofty was in the Middle East in October but it is not known if he has ties to any terror groups.

His estranged wife is an Egyptian native and a family member said El-Mofty is Egyptian.

His family says he is just a “timid family man” and no terrorist. Of course he is. They all are.

ABC confirmed Department of Homeland Security Acting Press Secretary Tyler Houlton called it a terror attack and said that chain migration was what allowed El-Mofty to be here in the United States. They added that the attack in Harrisburg was a terror attack.

Houlton also mentioned the terrorist-abetting woman on Long Island who used bitcoin to support ISIS.

Family members sponsoring these unvetted people from terror nations has been a source of contention for the Trump administration.

The recent terrorist Akayed Ullah in New York City was also in the country via chain migration.

The mainstream media is viewing this as local news and the NY Daily News only referred to the “gunman”. The title of abc news’s articles was, Pennsylvania cop shooting suspect “a chicken, not a terrorist”.

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