Immigrant Who Fled Socialists Warns Americans of Its Beginnings in the USA


A West Palm Beach business owner is in a new ad for Job Creators Network warning Americans of the socialism she fled as a child when the Sandinistas moved into Nicaragua.

“I think this is the greatest country in the world,” said Dina Rubio to CBS12 News at her Don Ramon Restaurant. She was happy to make the commercial when the conservative group approached her.

“We lived through the war,” she said. “We went underneath the mattresses while you could hear the whole noise going outside our door.”

She remembered the beginnings of the Sandinista regime.

“They were promising, you know, equality for everybody,” she said. “They were promising that the government was going to give them everything. But in the contrary, there was oppression.”

And poverty.

“My family lived through the socialist revolution in Nicaragua,” Rubio says in the ad. “I love America and the American Dream. So it’s very scary to see socialistic ideas gaining popularity in this country.”

Speaking with CBS12 News, Rubio said even she doesn’t think most Democrats support socialist programs.

Still, she said she’s worried.

“I’m very concerned because that’s the way they start,” Rubio said. “And that’s exactly all these little movements that I saw back then — they’re starting to happen here.”

Rubio said her husband had a similar experience. He fled Cuba in 1979 and met Rubio after moving to West Palm Beach.

Polls show that a majority of Democrats now support socialism. According to a Gallup poll in August 2016, 47% of Democrats view capitalism positively, down from 56% in 2016; 57% of Democrats now view socialism positively, little changed from 2010.

Alarmingly, even 16% of Republicans have a positive view of socialism.

Every Democratic candidate supports far-left socialist goals.

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