Immigration Bill Imperils National Security


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The Senate immigration bill currently being debated imperils national security and turns the country over to community organizations like LaRaza, ACORN, et al.

John McCain aggressively advocated for the the gang of eight immigration bill before the Senate Wednesday. In response to Cornyn’s push to add 6,500 Border Patrol agents on the border, McRINO said “No border is ever going to be sealed.”

Senators Harry Reid and Dean Heller offered an amendment to the bill Wednesday that would define Nevada as a border state even though no part of Nevada borders Mexico. Reid wants the benefit of joining the Southern Border Security Commission. It would give Nevada a stronger voice in border control, something Reid is weak on.

Breitbart reports that DHS halted background checks when President Obama gave temporary amnesty to DREAMers. They couldn’t meet the flood of applicants. ICE agents reported that most people coming here illegally were claiming to be DREAMers.

From Breitbart:

DHS staff were even informed that that an immigrant’s failure to produce valid identification should not be a reason to delay their application for amnesty. In an October 3 memo, agents were told “Biometric processing should not be refused solely because an applicant does not present an acceptable ID.”

We hear a lot about e-verify. People should know that e-verify is a joke. If a social security number is verified, the caller is not allowed to ask the name that is attached to the number. It verifies nothing except that the number is a social security number.

The immigration/amnesty bill will prevent ICE from arresting and imprisoning people here illegally.

Chris Crane, ICE union president said the bill makes enforcement much more difficult. Crane said that he has learned both Rubio and Cornyn are working on amendments to repair ICE’s dismantled enforcement authorities and practices. It might be improved.

The bill puts border agents under the Office of Civil Rights division in the Justice Department.[sections 1111, 1112, 113] Law enforcement won’t be able to do a thing. For example, people who sneak over the border can’t be remanded if it’s not in the best interest of any of the border sneakers including any of the children

In a written statement, Crane wrote:

“While there has been much discussion over how S. 744 fails to establish enforcement first and fails to secure the border, less discussed is how it undermines interior enforcement and thus guarantees continuing illegal immigration and visa overstays,” Crane added. “Even the complete implementation of a biometric entry/exit system would still result in millions of future visa overstays as ICE lacks not only the resources to enforce immigration laws, but its officers are increasingly prohibited by the Administration from arresting and removing immigration violators—including convicted criminals and aliens incarcerated in jails.”

The bill outsources jobs permanently from the government to community organizations like ACORN, La Raza, et al, the same as Obamacare, eliminating scrutiny and accountability.

It creates a United States Citizenship Foundation as a 501 (c)(3) that will work with the federal government run by 10 people from 10 nationwide community organizations to teach aliens about the Constitution, citizenship, politics, and so on. They will sign up new immigrants to the Democratic Party obviously.

The bill will be very expensive. It doubles the numbers of immigrants with green cards [Check video at about 12:50]. They will get a full ride on Obamacare.

In addition, Congress has said they don’t even know what the total cost will be.

McRINO had the nerve to say the bill wasn’t intended to add to the costs on the US taxpayer.

This bill imperils national security further by weakening asylum rules. Asylum seekers or people who jump visas no longer have a one year deadline – they have until they are caught. The bill creates a new layer of appeals allowing seekers to stay longer. The US Attorney General could opt to pay their legal expenses.

Marco Rubio said that aliens will not be allowed to stay if they don’t have a job but the exceptions allow people to stay if they are in school, going for a GED, caring for a child or elderly person, or if the person is unemployed but thinks they shouldn’t be.

Please listen to the video interview with Betsy McCaughey at theDaily Caller

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