Immigration: Boon or Bane of a Nation?


by Jeanine Vecchiarelli

(Copyright 2013)


When does a country cease to be a sovereign nation?

Answer:  When it throws open its borders to an uninterrupted, unmonitored flow of immigrants.

What do you call despotic leaders who would allow and even encourage such behavior, threatening the very fiber of their country?

Answer:  In the U.S., we call them progressive Senators and Congressmen.

The USA has always been a nation of immigrants.  We have embraced them enthusiastically throughout history, even while immigration to most other countries has been actively discouraged or prohibited outright.  But Lady Liberty, the very face of America, has lifted her torch in welcome, beckoning “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free…” Ellis Island

Of course, even a nation of immigrants must view immigration with an eye toward self preservation. Throughout our history, therefore, people who wished to come were assessed according to strict but fair standards.

Numbers were controlled, lest the U.S. become overburdened.  Potential immigrants needed to be disease-free to protect the country’s native citizenry.  Of equal importance, these newcomers needed to have a talent, or be well trained craftsmen so they could support themselves while filling needs for their adoptive nation.

Above all they needed to come expecting nothing but the opportunity to build their lives and achieve their dreams as only freedom could allow.  Such immigrants yearned to meld into the fabric of their new nation, enriching it with their talents as well as their ancestral backgrounds.  These folks counted the days until they could proudly proclaim themselves Americans.

A subtle shift began several decades ago.  It started with the introduction of hyphenated nationalities.  Naturalized citizens were no longer Americans, but rather Italian-Americans, Irish-Americans, Russian-Americans, African-Americans. Untitled

Then came the proclamations that America was not really a melting pot, but rather a grand mosaic.  Meaning, of course, there really wasn’t full assimilation, and that assertion wasn’t a bad thing.

With that pronouncement came the now endless list of national pride recognitions: Puerto Rican; Dominican; African; Italian; Irish; etc.  And learning the language of this host nation was no longer seen as necessary.  Suddenly “American” took a back seat to whatever ancestry immigrants brought with them.

Slowly at first, then with increasing frequency, citizens of other nations found their way into the U.S. through illegal means.  Rather than from comparatively well-to-do nations, the vast majority of these interlopers came from depressed countries.

Many had no assets, little education, and no valuable skills with which to enrich the U.S.  Some brought illnesses that were never before seen in the U.S., or that had been eliminated decades earlier.  Others came intent on perpetrating violence upon the citizenry.  Very many had no desire to assimilate. They merely wished to take what they could before returning home.

Incredibly, the U.S. government decided that rather than punish and/or deport these lawbreakers, they deserved taxpayer funded benefits.  The more generous the offerings, the more illegals flooded across our unsecured borders.  Then the government decided to invite families of lawbreakers, and began advertising in their countries about all the free benefits they could receive. Untitled

This precipitated a new phenomenon:  many illegal lawbreakers began rising up and claiming they were ENTITLED to “free” things from this country.  They began organizing, marching, and demanding rights.  Sadly, so it goes to this day.

It is confounding that many of this country’s native and legal citizens do not understand free benefits are not free.  Someone must pay for them, since government has no money of its own.  How many of these citizens understand their government is taking their monetary assets and giving them to people who break our nation’s laws by entering our country illegally, and offer no reciprocity for the “free” benefits they receive?

What should they think about their government facilitating this activity, and actually incentivizing a system that puts the illegal trespassers in their country above them for jobs, education and other benefits?  How did this nation get so far off track??

For purely political motives, the immigration bill now advancing through Congress is not to stop run-away illegal immigration.  Rather, it aims to facilitate it.  Our political leaders have turned their backs on the citizens who elected them in order to secure permanent voting majorities for themselves.

They are taking steps to guarantee this nation’s borders remain wide open – a state in which no sovereign nation can survive. In the name of political correctness, they fight for ever more money from hard working citizens to bestow upon illegals who have done nothing to earn the fruits of legal citizens’ toils.

In fact, these turncoat politicians have written into their legislation a bold incentive for companies to fire their citizen workers and replace them with lower wage illegals who don’t yet qualify for health care benefits, and hence won’t cost those companies in premiums or penalties. More atrocities against the citizenry are uncovered every day in the unread monstrosity of this Bill making its way through Congress.

If this amnesty bill becomes law, will the American people finally understand how badly they have been had?  Why are immigrants who played by the rules, putting in the time and expense to come here legally, never asked how they feel? Most importantly, how can a nation without borders survive?


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