Immigration Reform Holds a False Promise of Border Security



Photo of Speaker Boehner entering the slow-walk path

Senator McCain thinks border security is one of those things that can be changed as long as we give people here illegally a path to citizenship. Rand Paul wants a secure borders bill. Speaker Boehner might be slow-walking an immigration bill. If there is a conference on any bill between the House and Senate, anything can happen.

Is this the Perfect Storm that will legalize tens of millions of people in this country?

Rand Paul appeared on Laura Ingraham’s radio show to say that he wants a border security bill with a trust and verify clause. One of the problems is that if the House does try to pass any immigration bill of any kind, it will likely go to conference with the Senate.

We already know what the Senate bill looks like. There are leaks out of the House that Speaker Boehner wants to slow-walk a House version of the Senate bill to passage. In a conference between the two halves of Congress anything can happen.

It’s dangerous. Any bill is dangerous.

When Ingraham questioned him with some healthy skepticism, Paul said:

“I’m worried about conference, and what I would say is the only way to avoid the problem with conference is for the speaker of the House to say we are not going to conference on — we will not allow a vote on anything coming out of conference that resembles the Senate bill,” Paul said. “And if there were a much more limited bill that emphasizes border security first, then we would do that. But he has to hold the line. I think if he [Boehner] allows something to pass out of conference that looks anything like the Senate bill and it is passed with a majority of Democrats, I think that’ll be the final thing he does as speaker. So I think he knows that and I think he’s going to be very cautious. But I hope he will defend us on this and not pass something that looks like the Senate bill.”

Do we really know that Boehner cares if he loses his Speakership? Of course if it gets that far, it’s over anyway. His Speakership will be irrelevant.

We will have legalized millions of people and their families. Once legalized, they are on the pathway to citizenship and it will be hard to deport them.

One drunk driver who killed a person in Washington State was not deported because the liberals said that he doesn’t have an illegal problem, he has a social problem. That is the thinking that will pervade any deportation efforts.

It will also be difficult to find anyone in the country who is considered illegal, furthering the open border theme we see running through our immigration policy.

The big selling point for the immigration bill is the border security. We not only have very limited border and internal security now according to border agents and ICE, we have little hope of achieving it under this administration.

At the end of July, John McCain said that border security could be changed. He made his comments in response to the Latino open border crowd – 30 groups of them who sent letters – who railed against the ‘militarization’ of the border. He said that the border security is one of the things that could be changed.

Speaking before a group hosted by the AFL-CIO, he said the path to citizenship was ‘fundamental’ to the bill but the ‘rest of it could be adjusted,’ referencing border security as one of those flexible components. He said we don’t need 20,000 border agents.

McCain said he voted for the tighter border security pushed by Corker-Hoeven only to make his friends more ‘comfortable that we are securing the border.’ He believes that the answer is technology, not people. Technology, like the fence, has not been put in place. It’s expensive.

Corker and Hoeven are open to changes on security as one would expect since their ‘tighter’ border measures were only meant to calm opponents and bring in those who were sitting on the fence.

Rand Paul and Marco Rubio want border security but if it were going to happen, it would have happened. We’ve passed legislation to build the fence twice before and it hasn’t happened in most cases and when it did, the fence was poorly executed (single fencing) or not maintained in many cases. They talk about 700 miles of fence but we have nearly 2,000 miles of border.

As Boehner slow-walks some kind of bill to fruition, don’t expect border security to be a high priority item.


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