Impeachment markup begins with Nadler saying we can’t take a chance on an election


During the impeachment markup, Republicans branded the Democratic chairs who drew up the articles the “Coastal Impeachment Squad.” It is true. They are all New York and California leftists. What is also true is the Senate Judiciary Chair Jerrold Nadler said he has to move fast and can’t wait for the election because the President might be re-elected.

“I know you,” Nadler said condescendingly to his peers as the markup kicked off. “I have worked with many of you for years. I consider you to be good and decent public servants.”

“I know this moment must be difficult, but you still have a choice,” he added disingenuously, urging the House Republicans to resist the political pressures of the moment.

“I hope that none of us attempt to justify behavior that we know in our heart is wrong,” Nadler concluded. “I hope that we are able to work together to hold this president—or any president—accountable for breaking his most basic obligations to the country and to its citizens.”

He came to his conclusions with hearsay and presumptions, no facts.

Nadler also called the President a “dictator.” Huh? Democrats want to dictate what we say, do, eat and they won’t let us elect our own representatives — they will keep impeaching them.

The Judiciary Committee’s top Republican seemed to compare the Democrats’ claims to a propaganda technique favored by Adolf Hitler: The Big Lie.

“What’s the Big Lie?” Representative Doug Collins asked. “It’s the one Democrats have told the American people for the last three years. The Big Lie is that the ends justify the means. The Big Lie is that a sham impeachment is okay because the threat is so great. The Big Lie is that political expedience is honorable and justifiable.”

Jerry Nadler said yesterday that we can’t rely on an election to oust Trump. This has never been about wrongdoing and has ALWAYS been about overturning an election.

Why are people so stupid. This entire affair is about overturning one election and affecting the next. There is no crime. Even their articles of impeachment do not include a crime.



Hank Johnson lied, perhaps forgetting we now have video!

The entire Russia-Trump fiasco was built on a fraud. The Ukraine fiasco is the same thing but Democrats are moving quickly so there is little time to defend against it and they can prevent the President from being re-elected. This is about preventing his re-election.

Chair of the House Judiciary Jerrold Nadler dishonestly said the President hasn’t released a single document. In fact, the President released the most important one — the transcript of the Ukraine call and another call to the Ukraine President.


There was no abuse of power or obstruction of Congress because there was no quid pro quo and there was no evidence of pressure on Ukrainians by the President. Ukrainian President Zelensky said there was no quid pro quo, “no blackmail,” and that no one “pushed” him. President Zelensky didn’t know about the pause in aid at the time of the call.

In addition, Time published an interview with Andriy Yermak, a top adviser to the President of Ukraine that destroyed the Democrats’ narrative. He said, “We did not have the feeling that this aid was connected to any one specific issue,” and “We never entered into a conspiracy with anyone. We never participated in any conversations under the carpet. It was all public and transparent.”

As far as obstruction of Congress, you can’t do that when you are contesting it in the courts, which the President has the right to do.

As a liberal law professor, Jonathan Turley testified last week that this was “thinnest record” for impeachment. He also stated that “fast is not good,” and Democrats are trying to “set the record for the fastest impeachment” ever.

He said it was Congress’ abuse of power to make it a crime to go to the courts. [that’s the obstruction of Congress charge]


Rep. Deutch said he is moving towards impeachment because his children said on a family group text that their faith in our democracy (it’s a Republic) is failing. Several of the Democrats pulled the same stunt instead of talking about what the alleged crimes were.

One Democrat said this impeachment is “the most disgusting thing I’ve seen.”



After giving their air time completely over to Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff for the past few weeks, CNN did not air the start of the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on Horowitz’s IG report. They aired the Democrats’ questions.

When the second speaker, Democrat, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, started her opening statement, MSNBC cut back in to cover after dropping coverage of Sen. Lindsey Graham’s opening statement. CNN hasn’t aired a second of it.

People are being kept in the dark, dumbed down by the left. Fox is the only network that showed the entire hearing yesterday. The horrendous corruption at the FBI and DOJ is all but forgotten as Democrats speed towards impeachment.



  1. If Republicans so overtly admitted that their motivations were illegitimate, Dems would shut them down immediately. I wish the Right had the same balls.

  2. They are cowards. They know they can’t win fighting fair so they have to cheat any which way they can. Do the impeachment now so Trump won’t win the election? Are they that afraid too of a fair one? Obviously yes, because I remember all the garbage that flowed with the 2016 election, all the lies, innuendos and dirt dragged up. So, yes the Democrats are cowards, can’t play fair so fight dirty. But the end result will be their loss. I say hello to the Trump campaign winning again for 2020.

  3. Humpty-Dumpty Nadler, the ticket fixer from NY already risked the election and lost. We will be removing democrats from office en masse come November.

  4. I have watched this from the beginning, the Demorats are getting their a$$ handed to them, they have nothing, the gop are putting in amendments that destroy their BS

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