Impeachment’s Alive & Well, They Have a Roadmap Now!


No matter what evidence turns up, bats**t crazy Maxine Waters will continue to demand President Trump’s impeachment. In this clip from last night, Maxine tells Chris Hayes that she understands what the Speaker is trying to do by not calling for impeachment. She wants to get things passed, but Maxine wants him impeached anyway.

Let’s hope she gets her way. The more rational Democrats know they won’t win in 2020 if they impeach him.

She is not alone.

Democrat genius and icon Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is signing on to Rashida Tlaib’s impeachment resolution.


Congressman Jerrold Nadler said today that it’s possible that Congress will impeach Trump after getting the underlying evidence and un-redacted report. He says Mueller wrote the report “to provide Congress with a roadmap.”

How is he going to get the underlying evidence? Millions of documents? It’s ridiculous.

Nadler said at a Thursday press conference that the special counsel Robert Mueller’s report was written “with the intent of providing Congress a roadmap” to investigate President Trump for obstruction of justice.

Good, go for it. Show the world what losers you are.

Nadler thinks Mueller found “disturbing evidence.”

Last but not least, crazy Ted Deutch.



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