Imperial President Ignores Congress to Implement Statist Pre-K Program



Photo of Children of the Core who will soon be victims of a one-size-fits-all education under Common Core. Nationalized education which is being realized through the Common Core standards is now reaching into Pre-K education.

Mr. Obama has a plan to sidestep Congress and spend hundreds of millions of dollars in discretionary funding to entrench early childhood education whether we want it or not. It will one day be compulsory.

We can’t have White House tours because he didn’t have money allegedly due to sequester, but he has money for this!

He is calling for universal preschool at taxpayer expense. The idea of a statist government raising your child from an early age should be hair-raising.

Pre-K is primarily a baby sitter needed by hard-working parents but most realize it’s not a substitute for a stay-at-home parent. The parent raising his or her own child is traditional and traditional is something Mr. Obama abhors.

He wants the government to track and train your child from birth to death. He has already supported the idea of education at age 0.

Remember Julia? She was the famous imaginary child that the government had complete control over from birth to death. She was a campaign gimmick to defeat Romney but he was serious about the concept, the concept being all education and career interactions for Julia from birth to death were with the state. Please read about Julia on this link to CNN.

Obama is using Race to the Top and Affordable Care Act money to ignore the will of the people – you heard that right! He is using Obamacare money to carry out his early childhood plans because he believes the government can do a better job raising your child than you can.

There are cases in which this is true, but what Obama is doing here is fundamentally changing our values. It is no longer about parents raising children, it’s about government propagandized education from early childhood.

The Affordable Care Act, somewhere in its 20,000 pages has included money for school readiness and achievement. The Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting provision is designed to serve young at-risk children through home-visiting programs that are sponsored through federal, state and community partnerships

He is pushing the money into state programs for early childhood education throughout the nation, basically building a national pre-K program using the same Fascist excuse – Congress has failed to act!

He has many governors on his side because they are eager to have the money and use it buy votes. They also know little about education.

This is how he instituted Common Core – he paid off the governors and they agreed to put it in place. It sounded good to them.  He now says Common Core is an idea that arose from the governors of individual states when in fact it did not.

He is doing it again. He is trying to sell this as a state-by-state initiative when it is in fact his big government idea.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan is doing stump speeches on the issue. While Duncan is touting his early childhood ideas, programs like Head Start have shown no improvement in scores over the long term and are merely baby sitters that our president wants us to pay for.

Mr. Obama even created an office in 2011 to handle his new Fascist mandate – The Office of Early Learning at the Department of Education. A Libby Doggett is now its second leader and will oversee the new universal early childcare taking root in this country.

It will eventually be extremely costly and the taxes will have to be raised – a lot – to pay for it.

We are the collective now!

It will be popular with working parents who don’t see the big picture and it will help get Democrats elected. Some Democrats in Congress are on board. [Big surprise!] The American people are being played.

Congress already let it be known he can’t have the $75 billion in startup costs, which would require new taxes.

Six states received half the supplemental monies for early learning grants from Race to the Top  -California, Colorado, Illinois, New Mexico, Oregon and Wisconsin.

California and Wisconsin will get millions more to complete their state’s universal childcare.

Targeted states want more money of course and there will be no end to how much money they will ask for and the Executive Branch now appears to wield the power to drain the system dry.

Obama is using the Department of Education to circumvent our elected representatives in Congress. His administration claims the Congress is stalled when in fact they are not. They don’t want it and they represent us.

In doing this, Obama is ignoring our elected representatives and us. We no longer have elected representatives who can provide any sort of balance to Mr. Obama’s agenda.

$17 trillion in debt and counting!!!

Far-left Politico, a PR arm of the Obama government, has much of the source material for this article, but we obviously have a different take.