In a Sane World…..



  • Hillary Clinton’s health history and ongoing wellness concerns would be a much bigger, and more frequently reported story
  • Pope Francis would be further engaged in stopping the real time mass persecution, slaughter, crucifixion, and beheading of Christians, than focused on the possible threat of climate change, decades away.
  • Bringing James Taylor into France, right after the Paris terrorist attacks to barely warble “You’ve Got a Friend”, should have forced a humiliated John Kerry to resign as Secretary of State.
  • GOP, D.C. centric chieftains would learn how, at the local, state and congressional levels, the Republican Party has supplanted Democrats in roughly 1,000 elected positions, and follow that lead.
  • People would remember not only that the “tea” in Tea Party stood for Taxed Enough Already, but this grassroots movement has been proven correct on virtually every major issue they raised.
  • Each time a politician attempts to propagandize the people by using the words “government investing” instead of “government spending”, taxpayers would scream out loud and hold tight to their wallets.
  • The Democrat on Democrat threats and violence during their Nevada “Convention” would show the real risk of politically motivated assaults and bloodshed originates from precincts on the “Left”.
  • Nobody would describe pols, whose policies will continue to limit our kids opportunities and bury them even further under the weight of a killer national debt, as “likable”.
  • We’d all know Democrats have a much bigger problem with Felon in Waiting and serial liar, Hillary Clinton at the top of their ticket, than Republicans have with Trump heading theirs.
  • The devastating effect endlessly, artificially low interest rates on savings are having on seniors and members of the middle class would be a huge part of our economic discussion.
  • Bernie Sanders supporters would be able to demonstrate at least a basic understanding of the meaning of socialism.
  • Parents footing an offsprings’ college bills would demand their kids choose affordable schools and take majors that have jobs waiting after graduation.
  • Barack Obama’s extreme narcissism would have been much more widely identified early on and recognized for dangers it posed, both to our nation specifically and the “global community” in general.

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Judyann Joyner
Judyann Joyner
6 years ago

The GOP vowed, “just give us the Senate with the House and we will stop Obama’s agendas.” Then came, in my book, the last straw of betrayal, Ryan’s Omnibus Bill funding Obama’s every wet dream.

IF THIS doesn’t speak VOLUMES where the GOP Elites are coming from, I don’t know what does. If ever there were a time we need, MUST HAVE, a president of an entirely different stripe, this is it. For the first time, perhaps since George Washington himself, we have an opportunity to have a candidate, and president, NOT bought and paid for by Washington Elites before his first foot step into the WH.

We’re already seeing Trump is willing to do something no Republican before has done – shine a BRIGHT LIGHT on the wholly corrupted Clinton Cartel and yes, dare to mention their almost unbelievable SINS.

John Smith
John Smith
6 years ago

WE are certainly living in insane, dangerous times. Also, Who would open their borders and invite unvetted refugees in…. Europe is finding out the hard way that ISIS is coming thru their front door. Don’t forget to Vote for Trump in November.