In Case You Aren’t Worried Yet, This Is Who Is Leading the Caravan


Most of the marchers are military-age, cartel-age men. They are well-dressed and they have iPhones.

This caravan, now numbering up to 10,000, was organized by Bartolo Fuentes, a former Honduran legislator and member of the radical leftist Libre party. He was detained by Guatemalan authorities on Tuesday for illegally entering the country, The Daily Signal reports.

Libre is not a political party but a destabilizing movement. It was founded in 2011 by former President Manuel (Mel) Zelaya. Zelaya is a communist and a bad hombre, allied with Castro in Cuba and Maduro in Venezuela.

President Obama was barely in office when Honduran President José Manuel Zelaya tried to install a dictatorship. The military ousted him when he tried to amend the constitution to allow for his Chavez-style presidency without end. Zelaya, a communist, responded to the ouster by hiring U.S. lobbyists.

Obama and Hillary then went on a mission of verbally bullying Hondurans to force them into putting Zelaya back into office. Fortunately, the Hondurans stood up for their freedoms though they were bullied enough to allow him to live in Honduras.

Obama and Hilary said Zelaya was the legally-elected president of the legally-established government and ignored the fact that he attempted a coup of his own by taking over the government.


They are being assisted by cartels and Pueblo sin Fronteras.

The marchers, which includes cartels and some poor weaponized Central Americans, hate us. Most say they are coming for jobs but they’ve not kept secret their hatred for Americans. The foreigners say they are entitled to come to the USA because we are responsible for their problems. “Our chickens have come home to roost”, they say. We can see clearly how they feel as they burn our flag with a swastika on it and march with their own.

They have burned more than one flag. This one was burned in front of the American embassy, in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Friday, Oct. 19, 2018.

Democrats in this country are aiding and abetting them. These people are counting on Democrats getting them in or at least being able to use it to win Congress in two weeks.

Look at a good summary with photos of who these people are at Information Liberation where we got those flag-burning tweets.


Monica Showalter at American Thinker has screengrabs from her TV with them giving us the middle finger while waving their flag. She also has photos of how well-dressed they are.


Did you know we pay more for immigrant births than for the wall?

Do you ever wonder who is funding this invasion? There is a lot of money and it doesn’t all come from Zelaya.


The prior administration supported the hard-left Zelaya and many other vicious dictators. The media is painting this President as a friend of dictators but it was Obama and Hillary who supported the world’s worst dictators.

11 Times Obama Catered to Worst Dictators in the World

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5 years ago

They must be stopped at all costs. We know who they are and what they are. This has nothing to do with “humanitarian,” – this is a political invasion.

5 years ago

Thanks for informing us about this Zelaya connection. As you wrote, he had allies in Obama & Clinton.

Luckily, Trump will be forced to stop this invasion. He failed us on DOJ documents and the wall. If he fails here then the party loses and will deserve to lose. This is do or die. Notice of course that no republican leader speaks out against the invasion. Sasse and others continue to attack Trump.

Dan Lumadue
Dan Lumadue
5 years ago

I wish I could share this informative article… but, sadly, I can’t! You see, you wrote an excellent fact-filled piece of journalism, and then soiled it with a paragraph that gives ammunition to the progressive argument that this is about racism and hate. This is that paragraph:

“Are you seeing more foreigners in your neighborhood? Are there more gangs? Is your city starting to look like Juarez? Does your child have to learn Spanish? Do you have more crime? Why is there dirty toilet-paper in the garbage can at work?”

So, if you would stick to providing the news that others won’t, while avoiding such inflammatory language, your readership would have more influence than merely seeming to pander to those who fit the liberal characterization of “right-wingers” while removing the desire of conservatives like me to share your stories with those whose minds could be influenced more toward the conservative position with facts such as you’ve presented.

I would have loved to share this article, and I ask you to consider this request as an editorial position so that you will have greater influence and legitimacy. Thank you!

5 years ago

It’s going to be very interesting to see what President Trump has planned for this angry mob that has been hired by the likes of George Sorros to invade the US. November is going to be a very telling month. Not only do we have midterm elections coming up, but the leftists are now pulling this political stunt.

We not only need to vote straight Republican this November, but we need to make sure that the Republicans we elect to office will be expected to enforce our immigration laws and put down these types of scenarios coming from those who wish to enter our borders with the intent to do harm .

The Democratic leadership has no interest at all in securing our borders, and it seems to me that the GOP isn’t much better. I’m just praying that whatever plan the President has, that it’s a good one.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

Obama at his headquarter is in full support of this evil invasion and correct they will change each state, each city, each neighborhood, but if you live in a gated community such as the very rich elites, they will be temporarily protected.