In Leftist Reality, Radical Islam Is Made Up and Pamela Geller Is Worse Than ISIS


Daily Beast’s Obeidellah says that radical Islam is a “made up idea”. For moderate Muslims, the draw Muhammad cartoons are a “yawn”, he said, and “yeah, you can draw Muhammad.”

Sure Obeidellah, if you want a Fatwa out on you, you can draw Muhammad.

Listen to the naiveté:

Osama Siblani, the publisher of Arab American News and an alleged moderate Muslim, is attacking Pamela Geller while she is under threat from ISIS. He said she’s worse than ISIS, the people who sell children as sex slaves in naked markets and who strap bombs on the backs of little boys and send them into the family party. Those people.

The same ISIS that threatened to bomb London today and launch a cyber attack on America.

He said, “She is a hatemonger. She is drawing incitement and violence.” … “Let me talk a little bit about ISIS. ISIS is a hate group exactly like Pamela Geller. She is drawing killers, she makes killers, she is inviting killers to come in.” … “She is worse than ISIS. She is worse than ISIS.”

Pamela must be very bad – how many people has she beheaded? Oh, wait, none!

He’s not just anybody. Siblani was inducted into the Michigan Journalism Hall of Fame in 2013. Most laughably, he was given the “Spirit of Diversity in Journalism Award” from Wayne State University. These guys are so funny.

He’s known as the voice of the Arab community.

Listen to this loon, the so-called moderate: