In Liberal Paris Unarmed Police Must Retreat From Gunmen


Liberals and their ideas about guns are dangerous and threaten our safety. The massacre at Charlie Hebdo is a good example of exactly that. The police who answered the call on the Charlie Hebdo massacre came on bicycles and without guns.

Three terrorists in France who assassinated innocent cartoonists for mocking their “peaceful religion” had AK-47’s. They are believed to be part of a Yemeni terror network. Yemen is the country where Barack Obama has released some of our GITMO terrorists. It’s a haven for al-Qaida.

The Paris terrorists murdered twelve people, wounded ten or eleven others. Two of the dead were police officers, assassinated in cold blood. At least one officer begged for his life as they executed him.

The terrorists attacked because of what the Charlie Hebdo magazine does. It satires religion, including Islam.

Aside from the obvious free speech implications of the massacre in Paris, there are Second Amendment issues as well.

One tragic fact that many in the mainstream are ignoring is the fact that the police officers were unarmed.

If the reports are true, that the Paris police were unarmed, it was because they are liberals, plain and simple.

In France, officers can choose whether they are armed or not.

“Three policemen had arrived on bikes but had to leave because the men were armed, obviously,” Benoit Bringer, who works on the same floor as Charlie Hebdo’s offices, told France Info radio, according to The Guardian. “Then the attackers took off in a car.”

CBS News also reported — citing a reporter with Britain’s Telegraph newspaper — that the two officers were apparently unarmed.

It’s probably true, it’s typical liberal. Liberals really believe that dealing with monsters requires this approach. Role modeling and counseling will turn the monsters in their world. The murderers aren’t the problem, guns are.

Liberal logic can conflict with reality.

Guns are a deterrent, not only when police carry them, but when anyone carries.

When Justice Stevens tried to eliminate the Second Amendment, he said we don’t have a right to self-defense, we have a right to call 911. At Charlie Hebdo, it didn’t even pay to do that.

Our administration wants to put serious limitations on our Second Amendment. The U.N. small arms treaty took effect on January 1st and Barack Obama will do his best to implement it.

Back in April, the Free Beacon reported that Eric Holder was exploring the idea of gun tracking bracelets with RFID chips for gun owners. The Orwellian idea is the administration’s idea of “common sense reforms.”

Some even suggested that GPS tracking and RFID chips transmit the gun’s location to law enforcement agencies enabling them to monitor the gun in case it moves away from the tracker. They also wanted safes that would require the tracking bracelet, basically eliminating the use of the weapon for self-defense.

MediaMatters went wild at the time, labeling center-right or right-leaning publications voicing concerns as conspiracy nuts.

Liberals will not only disarm us, they will do anything to keep us ignorant or to silence us on issues like this.

We have businesses and schools that have banned armed police officers. That’s how ridiculous it has gotten.

What results is a situation like that of the one in Paris where the innocents fall prey to reality.

The attackers were well-trained and heavily-armed. The terror attack, which Barack Obama refuses to call an Islamic terror attack, was well-planned.

One of the Charlie Hebdo magazine’s editors, Gerard Biard, the Editor-in-Chief, told France Inter radio: “I don’t understand how people can attack a newspaper with heavy weapons. A newspaper is not a weapon of war.”

That’s what liberals don’t get. They think people will play by rules. We’re afraid to water board three mass murderers and they massacre innocents.

When the Charlie Hebdo publication published a photo of a naked Mohammed, Jay Carney told the press – on Barack Obama’s behalf – that he questioned the wisdom of publishing something like that.

He’s wrong. We can’t shut down free speech to satisfy insatiable terrorists. They will only take advantage of it as an opportunity.

As Barack Obama tries to limit our Second Amendment and as liberals try to keep armed cops out of public places, remember Charlie Hebdo.

We are in an increasingly more dangerous world and we need to be prepared.


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