In MA, You Can Deal Drugs, Threaten, Resist Arrest, Steal & It’ll Be LEGAL


The newly-elected far-far-left District Attorney for Massachusetts Rachel Rollins does not want criminals held accountable if they resist arrest, shoplift, threatening people and more. A number of so-called petty crimes will soon become civil infractions in Massachusetts.

Rollins is a hard-left gal who has gotten a shout-out from Obama and is tight with Larry Krasner, the Soros-funded, civil rights lawyer who last year rode a liberal wave to become Philadelphia’s district attorney. He’s hard-left. They all are.

This is the future — anarchy. Stores will have to raise prices to cover losses, police will be in more danger, anyone will be allowed to threaten and trespass on other peoples’ property. Drug dealing is okay too.

She has declared that these offenses, among others, are no longer crimes:

  • resisting arrest,
  • drug possession with intent to distribute
  • shoplifting,
  • trespass,
  • threats,
  • larceny under $250,
  • disturbing the peace,
  • disorderly conduct,
  • “minor driving offenses,” whatever that means

She has basically legalized these crimes and others. There is some flexibility but she has enshrined these crimes into the annals of legality.

Under Rollins’s plan, the offenses would be treated as civil infractions or dismissed outright. She doesn’t want minorities going to jail so, instead of getting to the core problem, she’s going to eliminate the crime.

“It’s a recipe for disaster,” said a veteran Boston defense lawyer, Robert Griffin. “The problem is the message that you’re sending. You’re encouraging bad behavior. You’re telling people that we’re not going to do anything about this.”

The Boston police union and retailers have decried the idea of dismissing charges such as resisting arrest and shoplifting before offenders are arraigned in court.

Rollins said this is what she would do when she campaigned. She was heavily-funded by a Soros-funded PACs.

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