In Under 4 Minutes, Amb. Bolton Proves Hillary’s Clearly Responsible for the Deaths in Benghazi


Hillary Clinton went to her home and President Obama went to his residences while our personnel were dying and in danger of dying in Benghazi. When our personnel could not be evacuated from Libya after the fall of Gaddafi, the United States Navy didn’t rescue them, we rented a Greek ferry to take them out. The Clinton State Department was marked by secrecy and deception and so will her presidency.

Former Ambassador Bolton did not mention what Hillary did during the arrival of the bodies of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans, but what she did was lie to the father of CIA contractor Tyrone Woods and tell him the attack was due to the video which Blumenthal suggested as an excuse. By that time, she knew it wasn’t true. She told Mr. Woods that she’d get the videographer who was exercising his free speech rights. The videographer  Nakoula Basseley Nakoula was imprisoned for a year as a result of a trivial complaint.

Hillary Clinton’s performance in Libya is a good sample of the incompetence we can expect from her if she becomes president. Former Ambassador Bolton pointed that out clearly and succinctly at the Southern Republican Leadership conference this weekend.

Bolton at SRLC

Hillary Clinton has pretended that she didn’t know anything about the security in Benghazi and she pretends it wasn’t in her realm of responsibility. The press and fellow Democrats have allowed her to get away with that and even cover for her.

There was a document dump on Friday before the weekend with only 298 emails. The press is saying things like, ‘Sorry GOP, there’s no Smoking Gun’ as if her erasing of her server had no meaning whatsoever. Clinton is so incompetent, they have to cover for her. If people actually knew how incompetent she is, she’d never get elected.

The documents we have so far on Benghazi are ’emblematic of what a Clinton presidency would look like’ and ‘the hallmark of that presidency will be deception’, Bolton said.

Clinton claimed she never had information on her server, while classified retroactively, had ‘extraordinarily sensitive’ information “with the names of people arrested by the Libyan government in the days after the 2011 attack on our consulate.” He continued, “Don’t you think people should have the wit to understand that the names of the people who are being tagged for that murderous attack on our consulate is an extraordinarily sensitive subject That you should only send over a classified email system? It also tells you that the disregard of sensitivity is going to show up again and again and again as she evaded the normal practices at the department.”

“The most telling information we’ve seen so far in this limited number of emails,” he said, is that there are repeated examples of Secretary of State Clinton being told [in] 2011, 2012, that the security situation of our personnel in Tripoli and Benghazi was very precarious. That the country’s government had fallen apart. That the threat from terrorist attacks was high and that our people there were very concerned about it. ”

In her limited appearances to date, she has said she didn’t get involved in those details. It “stunned” Bolton because it hadn’t happened under the other six Secretaries and presidents Bolton worked under. “It was called to her attention repeatedly and she didn’t do a thing about it,” he said.

He concluded, “So when we ask the question ‘who is responsible for the tragedy of the murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi, there’s a very clear answer – it was Hillary Clinton.”

Bolton asked: “She says she didn’t know what the security situation was [in Libya]?” These documents alone – it’s only going to get worse – from these documents alone, Bolton said, we know from these documents that she was warned repeatedly “how dangerous it was”.

“During the fight against Gaddafi, in 2011, do you think the United States Navy rescued our personnel in Tripoli? We had to rent a Greek ferry boat to come across the Mediterranean to take our people out,” Bolton continued.

“And even after that, we didn’t do anything to increase security for our official personnel or private citizens in Libya. On the day of the attack, she has said, in public testimony, she never once spoke to Leon Panetta, the Secretary of Defense. Now, all of those six Secretary of States I worked for would have been on the phone every 15 minutes to the Secretary of Defense saying ‘what can we do to protect our people.'” He continued, “What did she do? She went home, he said with heavy emphasis on the word ‘home’.”

The Secretaries and the Presidents Bolton worked for “would have stayed in their offices. Obama went to his residence.

So who’s responsible for the failure on September the 11th 2012 to do what we might have done to protect our people? Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama,” he said.