In World News, Former Canada PM Calls Trump a “Motherf***er”


Former Canadian prime minister Kim Campbell said on Saturday that President Trump is a “motherf***er.” Then the classless Canadian said she sort of didn’t, but she did.

The Canadian gutter girl said the vulgarity was embedded in the tweet. Unfortunately for her, we all can see that is not true — she rewrote the phrase.

Campbell, who was the first female Prime Minister of Canada for about four months in 1993, used the same expletive as a newly sworn-in Democratic congresswoman, Rashida Tlaib, who said she wants to “impeach the motherf***er!”

She dishonored Canada, her historical significance, her family, and she won some enemies on this side of the border for the opportunity to be nasty and team up with the hard-left Rashida Tlaib to do it.

Tlaib called the President a “motherf***er” this week.

Campbell tweeted just before 10 a.m. on Saturday: “He really IS a mother——!” Campbell attached a video of Trump reiterating his call for a border wall

The left is — classless and domineering — as we can see, but only they can do it. If you disagree with them, you are an “m-f-er.” It’s a way of silencing opponents.

When Justice Alito shook his head as Obama lied during his State of the Union address, the left was infuriated. The media went wild, but in the case of Rashida, most in the media are making excuses for her.


Anyone who disagrees with her profane use of language in describing the U.S. President is told to look at the link to [anti-Semite socialist/communist] Tlaib’s comment.

“If you don’t get the reference to the comment by Congresswoman Tlaib [sic]- can’t help you,” she tweeted.

She said she’s MAGA compared to her counterpart Vincente Fox. The former PM added that the vulgarity is in the embedded tweet.

Uh, it’s not! That lie makes her a vulgar, unprofessional liar. She wrote the phrase and will be remembered for it.

“M-F-er” is what passes for acceptable language, and these left-wingers try to say President Trump calling someone an idiot in private is the same thing.

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