Inclusion Chair Pays Respects to Victims of Illegals, Gets Impeached


The University of Illinois Student Senate voted to impeach the chair of its Committee of Diversity and Inclusion in part because of his political activities with the pro-capitalism student group Turning Point USA.  He honored victims of illegal immigrants and that really wasn’t acceptable.

One of his egregious activities was to put up a “wall” on the quad last month to highlight the “victims of illegal immigration.”

Andrew Minik, president of the campus chapter, told The News-Gazette that his group wanted to “call attention to the pitfalls of this broken system.”

Minik’s participation in this “clearly discriminatory event,” while chairing the diversity committee, proves that he has failed to “maintain a respectful decorum” or “a welcome environment” for any student or other person, according to articles of impeachment published by Campus Reform.

Additionally, he is not consistently working for the “betterment” of the group or the college according to the articles of impeachment. There were some paperwork mishaps as well.

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Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve
Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve
5 years ago

I hope he has set up this “State Action” committee of fools so he can sue them for every penny each of them has, as well as the University o Illinois, a “State Actor”. Take these left wing groups who act in the name of the University down, down, down………………..