INCOMING from the Entire World! Hundreds of Illegals from Terror Nations


Reporters found hundreds of illegal immigrants from nations and even neighborhoods that host terrorists including the Taliban, ISIS, and al Qaeda are using the Latin American pathway to the U.S.-Mexico border. They plan to cross our border illegally.

There are many more than the hundreds these few reporters found.

A national security team with the Center for Immigration Studies found several from nations including Pakistan, Iraq, Bangladesh, and Iran headed to the U.S.

The Center told Secrets that its team in Panama and Costa Rica “found that hundreds of migrants from countries of terrorism concern in the Middle East and elsewhere (referred to by law enforcement as ‘special interest aliens’) are indeed on their way to the U.S. border. The reporting makes clear that U.S. border security is concerned with more than Central Americans and Mexicans; the migration of special interest aliens is a significant American counterterrorism issue and national security issue.”

The crazy Pope [yes, I am Catholic, but I don’t like this Pope’s ideas — they stink] says the illegals are like Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. What is wrong with him?

They were not immigrants Pope!

Earlier today, we discovered that crazy Judge Sullivan banned our asylum law. That means everyone can come in!

At least, the President should do something about the visa overstays. Forty percent of these illegal knuckleheads come into the country and stay with visas.

Also today, CBP said they are catching Chinese drug smugglers flying in on homemade ultralights. Sure, why not? Nothing will happen to them. Eventually, Democrats will give them amnesty.


Listen to this next clip. It will infuriate you.

This is the route this Bangladeshi is taking.

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