InCredible Julie’s Story Isn’t Panning Out for NBC Democrat News Media – Updated


Update at the end

Porn star lawyer Michael Avenatti’s client Julie Swetnick has changed her story about Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged gang rapist past. Not only that, her four witnesses were checked out by NBC and they found one was dead, one didn’t know who Julie Swetnick is, and two wouldn’t respond.

Swetnick spoke with NBC News correspondent Kate Snow about the “trains of men” and her own alleged gang-rape.

NBC couldn’t independently confirm any of her claims. There were three inconsistencies between her sworn statement and her comments in the interview.

They must have run a hundred dollar bill through the trailer park she lives in to see what would turn up [That’s a joke referencing James Carville’s comment].


Swetnick had claimed she saw Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge spike the punch, but now she says she only “saw him around the punch containers.” “I don’t know what he did,” she told NBC.

Originally, she said Kavanaugh was involved in the gang rapes, and she came to that conclusion when she was allegedly gang raped herself. Now she says Kavanaugh and Judge were near her when she started to feel sick.


InCredible Julie also says she only saw Kavanaugh and Judge talking to boys outside of rooms. That’s a long way from participating.

In the interview, Swetnick said that boys at these parties were not “lined up” as she said in her sworn statement, but “huddled by the doors.” So much for the “trains of men”.

Mark Judge, who has been open about his past struggles with alcohol abuse, said in a statement through his lawyer, Barbara Van Gelder, that “the allegations in the Swetnick affidavit are so bizarre that, even while suffering from my addiction, I would remember actions so outlandish.”

Brett Kavanaugh has vehemently and “categorically” denied the allegations.

Incredible Julie said she spoke to a police officer and her mother after the gang rape, but no charges were filed as far as we can determine.

Her mother Elaine, who was a geologist, is deceased. Her father Marty, a retired space scientist living in Silver Springs, Maryland, hasn’t spoken to her in ten years and was surprised by her allegations.


If these people are lying, and they certainly appear to be, they must be prosecuted.

One repercussion is Judge Kavanaugh will no longer teach his Supreme Court course at Harvard and it’s likely it’s because of this. Since it’s a personnel matter, the school isn’t saying too much. The claim is that the Judge can’t make the commitment.

A group of Harvard Law School students had previously urged the school to stop allowing Kavanaugh to teach there until there was an investigation into accusations of sexual assault made against him.

The leftists in the Democratic Coalition Against Trump are now filing ethics complaints against the judge and Merrick Garland could be the judge overseeing them. The Coalition describes itself as the home of the resistance.

This is what they do to the Republicans who are fighting against the FBI corruption. Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan are two prime examples of Republicans continually slapped with ethics violations that go nowhere.

Judge Kavanaugh’s life is basically ruined with no evidence whatsoever.

Meanwhile Minnesota Democrats found the claims of domestic abuse against Keith Ellison “unsubstantiated”. That rule doesn’t apply to Judge Kavanaugh. If the nominee or candidate is a Republican, no due process is needed.

The leftists want to protect their right to kill unborn babies and they hope to extend it to abortion on demand. It’s unlikely Judge Kavanaugh will go along with abortion on demand. These are often the same people who won’t touch a hair on a cat’s head.

The same people who insist we can’t waterboard terrorists trying to kill us, take joy in ruining a respected judge’s life because he doesn’t want to kill unborn babies.

Swetnick’s ex-boyfriend found her to be rather nutty and threatening.



  1. There must be a heck of a lot more mentally challenged people out there than we realize. The entire mainstream media has been over run over the last 40 + years by malleable retards who are capable of reading a teleprompter and able to moue convincingly to the camera and then there are those who can scan prepared materiel onto newsprint etc…and then there are the brainwashed that slavishly suck up their drivel as “gospel”…

  2. There must be charges against this pack of dogs. Investigate the democrat senators and bring charges against them. No more nice guy routine by republicans. This is outright war and anarchy by democrats.

    • “There must be charges” — don’t hold your breath. We’re dealing with a now-embedded subversive establishment and some literally demonically possessed purely evil instances of sorry humanity. They would sell their own kin down the river for the all-consuming agenda.

  3. people they are catering to the city people not the real trump voters outside cities ! if we show up like we did in 16 they will lose and we have them boxed into the cities where they can destroy each other not us! we need to come out and vote in masses unheard of whether blue red or ind like myself all trump voters! these people are not america as trump has shown! vote for who ever trump endorses! this is about a revolution of the almost 6 decades we have lived thru and real change is happening for people of all colors whether blue red or ind we won the first battle lets continue this by the time trump leaves in 2024 we will have won the war and given are kids and their kids a chance for great future that america offers!

  4. “There must be charges” — don’t hold your breath. We’re dealing with a now-embedded subversive establishment and some literally demonically possessed purely evil instances of sorry humanity. They would sell their own kin down the river for the all-consuming agenda.

  5. Anti-Abortionists need to rethink their position …. abortion may be evil [to some, at least] but so is allowing Progressives to bring more mushy heads into the world ready to be propagandized into the LEFTIST’s ideology and agenda.

    It’s a delicate balance. Think about it.

  6. Julie Swetnick sounds like a psycho,the ex-boyfriend of Julie Swetnick.Richard Vinneccy was on the The Ingraham Angle Monday, here is what he said,”Right after I broke up with her, she basically called me many times and at one point she basically said, ‘You will never, ever see your unborn child alive,'” ‘I’m just going to go over there and kill you guys.'” ……….So he stops dating her and goes out with someone else, he and his new lover are pregnant with a child and she threatens to kill both the mother and unborn kid.

  7. Negs and falsehoods i.e. the Tabloids, made prophets from Scandalousness epitaphs of people mostly untrue because the human psychic in many cases hungers and thrust ungodly for it.such becomes big news pointedly if a big name is attached, the rich and famous or the uppity up.With the constant tear down of the American fabric its laws, and sanctions of lawlessness by the ACLU, DEM’S,LIBS OVER TIME WE HAVE ENDED UP looking past professional years of a man into his high school years. All of us in high school did dumb things lying was one of them, drinking, car racing etc. Those out in the boonies with a vendetta put sugar cube in the others farm tractor to get even. dumb and illegal, but people grew up and out of these things, some real estate agents,some cops, some Military, some doctors, lawyers judges and on. America is great because we have A forgiveness B. let live, among us are Life Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, but this is now lacking, among our elected Democrats and Libs.\Very few men or women have a 30 year professional record scrubbed by the FBI 6 TIMES Mil and civil service excluded. DEM’S are taking a wrong approach on Kavanaugh and doing it illegally, leaking, browbeating, half saying its a job interview the other half treating it like a court case but throwing out the innocent until proven guilty, [We must believe her]-Metoo with no corroborated evidence on the charge of attempted rape, attempted so rape did not occur, the so called victim changed her story four times all her witness said no recollection of the event including her best friend I don’t know Kavanaugh, but I believe her, Really, Ford being a Psychologist published in 08 a paper on self hypnosis of which her recall of attempted rape would not be admissible in court.or if her therapist put her under hypnosis not admissible, Dem’s don’t trust the system its not always going to be 5/4 decisions in SCOTUS COULD BE 7/2 OR WHAT EVER.Now the tug of was confirm or not. De’s have gotten their way on every request.

  8. An article on Zero Hedge……………..The Senate Judiciary Committee has released a letter from former meteorologist and former Democratic candidate for Maryland’s 8th district, Dennis Ketterer, who claims that Brett Kavanaugh’s third accuser and Michael Avenatti client, Julie Swetnick, was a group-sex enthusiast that he initially mistook for a prostitute at a 1993 Washington D.C. going-away party for a colleague. ………..His entire letter to the committee is posted, WOW !!!!!!!!!

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