Common Core: Moronic Lessons You Won’t Believe


We would be remiss if we didn’t regularly post Common Core lessons. If our children have to suffer, it’s the least we can do.

Check these out.

1. Moronic “Ugly Monkey” story:

bizarro common core


2. Moronic Spanish lesson. This is a 9th grade Spanish assignment in which students are required to rewrite a murder scene. After this, the students will next be forced to watch a video of a 95 car pile up where 3 people died. After that, there will be a lesson about RAPE!

These classes are a real upper. I’m not sure how this is a good way to learn Spanish.

9th grade rewriting a murder assignment


3.  Moronic math for 3rd grade:

moronic math


4. Eag News posted one lesson that requires students to draw conclusions based on their ethnicity and social class. How nice.



5. But at least one student showed creativity with her answer to worksheet questions (from


Common Core puts a whole new meaning to moronic.