Indivisible Activist Harasses Spicer at an Apple Store, Later Presents “Proof” He’s a Racist


The Daily Mail posted a video and a story showing an Indian-American woman accosting Sean Spicer in an Apple Store Saturday while calling the President a “fascist” and asking Spicer: “Have you committed treason too, like the president?… Are you a criminal too?… What about the Russians?”

Her name is Shree Chauhan – a 33-year-old who lives in Washington, DC, and works for one of those leftist non-profits.

Spicer tried to ignore her and told her we have a “great country.”

That’s when she asked if he was a criminal too.

‘Have you committed treason too? Just like the president. Have you committed treason too? What can you tell me about Russia?’

Shree has written an article for Medium about the incident in which she admits to “organizing that Betsy DeVos blockade at a local D.C. school.”

She claims that harassing Spicer at Apple was an “enormous opportunity” to “get answers”, adding she doesn’t believe Trump and his Klan” are worthy of niceties.

When Spicer said it was a “great country”, it shows he’s a racist, according to her. In her twisted little mind, what he really meant was, “Such a great country that allows you to be here.”

She said that it was “racism and an implied threat”. She was “stunned by the boldness of having” her “citizenship threatened on camera.” She admits to not being “polite”, but, she asks, does that mean she has to be “thrown out of the United States of America”.

At one point, she wrote that if she had more time, she would have asked better questions. What could be better than, “are you a criminal, are you a traitor too?”

Her Twitter page has her talking about trolls and trolling people. She probably stalked Spicer.

Rambling on, admitting to be a member of “Indivisible” and misusing Martin Luther King Jr. in the article only solidifies the fact that this is one crazy broad.


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