Indoctrination Comedy Ridicules Republicans After Kavanaugh


SNL mocked Republicans on SNL last night, portraying them as old idiots who should be ashamed since they are people who don’t care about women and sexual assault.

When they mock Republicans as old, they seem to forget the age of Biden, Sanders, Pelosi, Feinstein, and almost everyone leading the Democrat party.

Their fake Susan Collins said, “Look, I think it’s important to believe woman until it’s time to stop.”

“It’s about the fans,” says another fake Republican. They even ridiculed Rachel Mitchell, the sex crimes prosecutor, who wrote a legitimate report that demonstrated the lack of evidence.

A fake Chuck Schumer said he thought they would win this time, after the Anita Hill hearing, because “Dr. Ford was white.” He then says Kavanaugh was white too and “we were completely blindsided by that.”

They make every thing about race, gender, and other identity politics issues to manipulate people. They have distorted the core and purpose of comedy to brainwash the populace.

The disgusting left has made everything about politics, ruining just about every aspect of life.

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