Inevitable Socialist Takeover of the USA


An article at American Conservative describes the inevitable replacement of Middle America. The socialists/communists/Democrats are replacing Middle America with a more malleable population.

As a result of the movement towards that end, in all but one of the last seven presidential elections, the Democrats have won the popular vote, which is why Democrats want to abandon the Electoral College.


The Democrats have expanded the electorate with large numbers of refugees from communist/socialist countries and foreigners here illegally. At the same time, they have insisted on amnesty and rejected assimilation. All of these new immigrants will vote 80 to 90 percent with Democrats.

Motor Voter laws register everyone to vote when they get their driver’s license, that includes the ineligible and illegal aliens. The likelihood of fraud grows as Democrats encourage it.

Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats, including Barack Obama, suggested foreigners here illegally should vote. These are foreigners who generally have no stake in our value system.

Nancy Pelosi’s 700-page For the People Act passed the House, but not the Senate. One day it will pass. It contains “a slew of measures designed to expand voting rights, which … include nationwide automatic voter registration, Election Day registration, two weeks of early voting in every state … restoration of voting rights for ex-felons, and declaring Election Day a federal holiday.”

It gives union workers, who are overwhelmingly Democrat voters, six days off to work the polls.

House Republicans offered an amendment to the bill with language that said, “allowing illegal immigrants the right to vote devalues the franchise and diminishes the voting power of United States citizens.”

All but six Democrats voted against the GOP proposal.

Extending the voting base

American Conservative writes that in 2018, over 60 percent of Floridians voted to expand the electorate by restoring voting rights to 1.5 million ex-cons, all of Florida’s felons except those convicted of sex crimes and murder.

They will vote Democrat.

If Florida is lost, all presidential elections will be lost. The same approach is used throughout the nation. They are even whittling away at states like Texas and South Carolina. Colorado, North Carolina, Virginia are all but lost.

Democrats want to lower the voting age to include children of 16 years of age because they are easily manipulated. Eventually, Democrats will make certain they do vote.

Currently, the ballot harvesting allows people in California to do all those things and vote anywhere they like. It eliminated the voice of Republicans in California.

In the Golden State, Democrats control the governors’ chair, every elective state office, both U.S. Senate seats, 46 of 53 U.S. House seats and three-fourths of each house of the state legislature in Sacramento, American Conservative writes.

In New York, far-left Democrats control it all. The Republicans in the state have no voice except for a few pockets on the Island and Upstate.

In addition to all this, George Soros, Tom Steyer, and others are buying elections and seizing control of redistricting throughout the nation.

There is a call from the left for statehood for D.C. and Puerto Rico. They are overwhelmingly Democrat voters.

Our colleges, entertainment, media, news organizations are all controlled by the wealthy leftists. They control all channels of communication.

The left has no interest in compromise or religion, but they love high taxes and oppressive regulations.


Meanwhile, they distract us with hate, lies and identity politics. With that will come anti-semitism.

Daniel Greenfield published a good historical summary of why anti-semitism goes hand-in-hand with socialism. And, as the country moves towards socialism, anti-semitism will be part of it. Jew hate is the nexus between Islam and socialism. It’s worth your time to read the article.

The hard-left throughout history has hated Jews.

“Every government having regard to good morals ought to repress the Jews,” opined Pierre Leroux, the leftist credited with coining the term ‘Socialism’. “When we speak of Jews, we mean the Jewish spirit, the spirit of profit, of lucre, of gain, the spirit of commerce.”

“What is the worldly religion of the Jew? Huckstering. What is his worldly God? Money,” Karl Marx ranted.

It’s built into the socialist system and they are the necessary scapegoats.

American socialism, Greenfield writes, traces its ideological ancestry to Charles Fourier, a French socialist bigot who declared that Jews were the embodiment of capitalism, “parasites, merchants, usurers”, and the “incarnation of commerce: parasitical, deceitful, traitorous and unproductive”.

Hatred of Jews will grow with the growth of socialism and communism in American society as traditional American citizens are replaced with their leftist substitutes. Just look at history.

Americans could still wake up to the dangers and demand change, but Americans who believe it’s needed or who are interested in putting the amount of effort needed to change the course of history falls short.

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4 years ago

To stop the socialist takeover of the United States the non socialists must take back control of the education system and start teaching American principles. You earn your right to vote by becoming a citizen. You work for your reward. You pay taxes based on your income, but everyone pays. There is a safety net for the disabled and the elderly. Nothing is free especially freedom. With the educational system we currently have no American values are taught. That’s how it ends and socialism takes over.

4 years ago

The enemies of our Republic have been sculpting their
ideologies into the fabric of our society for sometime.
And it appears that they’re about to grab the brass ring.
Once they lock in permanent election wins will this
finally bring out the Patriots ? If not, what will and when ?
If at all ?
I don’t know about the other readers here, but as an eighth
generation American, I’ll be damned if this Republic goes
down on my watch !!!!!