Infanticide-Loving Gov Northam Is Now a Meme, He Needs to Go


Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s press conference Saturday was a disaster. On Thursday, he talked about how to commit infanticide, his racist past became known on Friday, and today he lied his fool head off.


He denied he had anything to do with his racist yearbook photo. He said he did, however, “darken” his face for a dance contest, performing as Michael Jackson years ago. A reporter asked him if he could still do the moonwalk and it looked like he might do it. His wife stopped him.

Nicknamed ‘Coonman’, Northam not only lied about not being in the Yearbook photo, he also said he didn’t know how the photos got there and hadn’t seen them before now. Meanwhile, it is a known fact that the students picked the photos for their yearbook pages.

Yesterday, he confessed and apologized. Today, his story was totally different.

He’s delusional if he thinks he can survive this. Literally, everyone is demanding he resign. The moonwalking governor needs to go.

What we would like to know is why that racist garbage was allowed in a medical school yearbook in 1984.

Not to minimize the racism, his racist photo was disgusting, but it was 35 years ago and it has taken over the fact that he advocated for infanticide two days ago.

There was at least one more racist page in this medical school yearbook. What the hell?


Northam is now a meme, a gif, and the subject of profane videos. It’s so over for him. he will be gone by Monday.

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