Informant Interviewed by Little Rock FBI to Talk About Hillary


William Campbell, the now-famous FBI informant, was recently interviewed by FBI agents from Little Rock, Sara Carter reports. Campbell is the man who spent seven years collecting information about the Russia bribery scandal only to have it ignored by the FBI.

The FBI did what is typical for the government these days — they tried to put the blame on the informant, saying he wasn’t reliable. The truth is that they did it because they decided to give the Russians a deal instead. The case was a barrier to the uranium mine sale and it had to be quickly and quietly dispatched.

The Democrat memo

Recently, The Hill published a one-sided story based on a Democrat memo claiming the informant had nothing to offer.

Campbell’s lawyer, Victoria Toensing, wrote a letter asking for a retraction to The Hill’s article published Thursday. The article was based almost solely on the Democrat memo which was inaccurate. No one at The Hill even contacted her for comment.

Toensing says the informant’s testimony actually showed quid pro quo by Clinton but the Democrats claim there was no evidence.

The Hill’s article has been followed up in The Washington Post, The Washington Examiner, CNN, Reuters, Yahoo,  and other numerous outlets, none of which contacted Toensing for fair comment.

The FBI talked with Michael Smith

LifeZette reported that Michael Smith has been contacted. He is providing the FBI with details of allegations he has made about the Clinton Foundation deal with Australia.

Michael Smith is former law enforcement who currently works as an investigative reporter. His story is a blockbuster mostly ignored by U.S. media. Smith outlined a possible case of quid pro quo between the Clinton Foundation and an Australian diplomat. The diplomat, Andrew Downer, is a FOB — Friend of Bill’s.

There are still Americans in the FBI, at least there are in Little Rock. The corruption in the FBI is at the top, not among the agents in the field. The Marxist Obama had eight years to corrupt every agency by embedding bureaucrats of the left.

About five years ago, one Defense officer was quoted by Fox News saying that Obama was embedding radicals in the agency and it would take a decade to get rid of them. That was four years before Obama left office.

We have one question — why didn’t these interviews take place before?

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