Informant Will Show FBI Knew About Bribery Scheme And Its Ties to Uranium One


The FBI knew about the Russian bribery scheme in real time and still let the Uranium One deal go through. After they completed the deal, the Russians discussed how they played us, according to investigative reporter John Solomon.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Deputy Attorney General, and two Reuters reporters have said that there is no connection between the Russian bribery case and Uranium One. On ‘Hannity’ Friday night, investigative reporter for the hill John Solomon said they’re not telling us the truth and we will start seeing the facts, including actual documents, next week.

Solomon will show the actual FBI documents and what the FBI learned in real time about the Russian bribery case and its ties to Uranium One.

Solomon said the Reuters story downplaying the informant’s role is fully inaccurate and the consultant/informant William Campbell will be an “extraordinary fact witness”. Campbell has videos of Russians opening up briefcases full of cash in the bribery case. These are the people we gave our uranium too, he added.

The FBI knew about the extortion and kickback scheme before the Uranium One deal went through.

Hannity said the Russians must think Americans are “really dumb”. Solomon said “it’s funny you should say that” because there is a conversation of the Russians saying that. “They really thought they played the Americans on this one,” he said.

William Campbell says he is in fear for his life since he was outed by the Sessions DOJ. He will reportedly testify on Capitol Hill Monday.

This could be why Adam Schiff and Hillary Clinton are hysterically claiming any investigation of her is an “abuse of power” and would turn us into a “dictatorship”.

Both say it would be the end of an independent DoJ – no joke.

Clinton Spokesperson Nick Merrill said, “This latest iteration is simply more of the Right doing Trump’s bidding for him to distract from his own Russia problems.”

Nobody is supposed to look at the real Democrat Russia collusion and profiteering so long as there is an ongoing fabricated witch hunt into the nonexistent Trump-Russia collusion.

Adam Schiff tweeted that an investigation of Hillary would be “the end of the DoJ”.

Hillary went much further.

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