Infowars Was Banned on Social Media But Look Who Isn’t Banned


Infowars, an Alex Jones, outlet, has been banned in part or in total by Facebook, Google, YouTube, Apple, and Spotify in a coordinated attack. The leftists won’t stop and haven’t stopped at Alex Jones. They hate the right and many hate classical liberals.

The left does not believe in the First Amendment. Take Shaun King, he’s a perfect representative of the New Democrat Party. He wants Twitter to join in the assault.

Look who isn’t silenced and no one is asking to silence him.
Racist Louis Farrakhan being hugged by several Democratic representatives.

Louis Farrakhan had this next tweet pinned to the top of his Twitter page.

Farrakhan has three pages on Facebook, he’s on Spotify and he’s on youtube.

Antifa Philly is on Twitter, spreading lies and hate.

As The Daily Wire reporters asks, “When was the last time you heard a left-wing publication or Democratic politician complain about being censored on social media?”

This is as the NY Times knowingly hired an anti-white, anti-cop hater who says Trump is Hitler.

Sick Twist! NY Times Says They Fully Vetted Sarah Jeong’s Social Media History

  • In one of the hearings one House member brought up Infowars and how they were trending live during the Muslim car attack. Their news was about the “Islam of Peace” user who had told the mayor, I believe, warning this would happen. The Tech rep said “it was taken care of” and wouldn’t be allowed to trend again. It came out later in other outlets the story was true.

    I expect this is related to the European rules with GDPR and content they suppress. If anything is said against Islam you could have police question you. They’ve made “Islamophobia” the the worst violation of all time. Anti-Semitism and out-right Jew hatred would appear to be always “tolerated”. We can see the effect with Tommy Robinson being banned from Instagram.

    What happened to “you don’t have to watch”. The serious danger isn’t just the Tech Giants. was confronted by their Domain Host for some post and were threatened with removal. This means that you couldn’t even have a website. This could be the next step. It means you are completely and totally removed from the Internet.

    Something very suspicious is going on here. Alex Jones was given a number of strikes previously Only to be removed later after appeal.

  • Senate Democrats are circulating a plan to take control of the internet. It does show how desperate Democrats are of the success of Republican effectiveness of Social Media. After the success of Facebook removing an opposition party in France this paved the way for other countries to isolate any of theirs. It is put in terms of the “Survival of our democracy”. Since WHEN is OUR system SO fragile that it causes such worry by those in elected office. Sites, as in Infowars, spend much of the time questioning the Government’s narrative. Snowden and Wikileaks have exposed what was once a conspiracy.

    One of the biggest conspiracies is in the vaccine industry. How many knew, or knows, a “special” vaccine court was set up and “run” by the Government regarding damages. I was unaware of this. How many are aware “Billions” have been paid out by this court for adverse effects. Jones “does” exaggerate on issues but many times there ARE some truths in there. Is this ever been discussed in vaccine news reports. And why not. Shouldn’t it be studied if there are more ill effects from a measles vaccine compared to those who contract the disease.

    This all seems to be more about “controlling” the Government narrative as in France, and the EU in general. There is a sympathetic symbiosis between the Tech Giants, for one, and the Government. They will pay elected leaders, “protection money” and they will do their bidding. It was on full display when Zuckerberg was in the Senate hearing. The majority of Senators received money and their questioning reflected that payoff.

  • Shouldn’t Chris Hahn be banned from social media after accusing Candace of “staging” the confrontation to make Democrats look bad. He’s the reason I don’t watch Laura Ingraham because I don’t want to listen to some nutjob that she has on time and time again.

  • How “dangerous” can it get. Facebook was attempting to get individual, personal Bank information, in total.

    Let’s not forget some businesses were prevented from doing business by certain banks and institutions. Will Facebook use its platform to identify “bad actors” to financially cripple them. This is the SJW in action and on full display. All the “hate speech” and “islamophobia” is defined according to the SJW code of conduct. Are calls of “who is a Nazi” next.

    NOW, an email service, Mail Chimp, has removed Alex Jones from their service. He’s been removed from LinkedIn. I thought LinkedIn was basically for use in the employment sector. THIS is escalating Far beyond any First Amendment rights. It’s also getting beyond Tortious interference and seemingly criminal action.

  • Quite a few have spoken against the ban on Infowars while saying they despise what he says and stands for, mentioning 9-11 and Sandy Hook.

    I am unaware of what he has said in the immediate aftermath of those events. I did recall after 9-11 saying it was an “inside job”, which I found extremely offensive. At the time Fox News had ALSO floated the conspiracy that Israel was behind the attacks. I don’t know if he’s clarified his initial charge but he says the Government was “aware” of terrorists activities and did nothing. This was revealed later and covered on many news outlets.

    The same with Sandy Hook; when Megan Kelley interviewed him he explained he had a guest on who made those charges. Since these Tech Giants have taken Down All videos there is no way to find out whether or not the charges Against Him are accurate.