Infowars Was Banned on Social Media But Look Who Isn’t Banned


Infowars, an Alex Jones, outlet, has been banned in part or in total by Facebook, Google, YouTube, Apple, and Spotify in a coordinated attack. The leftists won’t stop and haven’t stopped at Alex Jones. They hate the right and many hate classical liberals.

The left does not believe in the First Amendment. Take Shaun King, he’s a perfect representative of the New Democrat Party. He wants Twitter to join in the assault.

Look who isn’t silenced and no one is asking to silence him.
Racist Louis Farrakhan being hugged by several Democratic representatives.

Louis Farrakhan had this next tweet pinned to the top of his Twitter page.

Farrakhan has three pages on Facebook, he’s on Spotify and he’s on youtube.

Antifa Philly is on Twitter, spreading lies and hate.

As The Daily Wire reporters asks, “When was the last time you heard a left-wing publication or Democratic politician complain about being censored on social media?”

This is as the NY Times knowingly hired an anti-white, anti-cop hater who says Trump is Hitler.

Sick Twist! NY Times Says They Fully Vetted Sarah Jeong’s Social Media History

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