Infuriating: Republicans Betray Republicans

Charlie Dent Town Hall
Charlie Dent, More Progressive Democrat Than Republican

Herein lies the problem, the so-called Republicans prefer to marginalize those who don’t go along with the prevailing opinion which is to work with Democrats. That’s the view of a typical Republican, Rep. Charles Dent.

The reason Republicans were voted in was to fight the far-left Democrat Progressives, not to work with them, but Dent thinks the opposite, which is no doubt how most of them think.

Worse than all that is he is willing to work with Democrats to elect a new Speaker.

“We might have to assemble a bipartisan coalition on the floor to elect the next speaker then. I mean, that’s what it could come down to.”

Can you imagine who the Progressive Democrats will vote for and who they will settle on?

Now it has become clear as to why there was a rebellion against McCarthy. Undoubtedly, he was more of the same.

Rep. Dent of Pennsylvania has a 30% score with Heritage which means he votes with Democrats 70% of the time. There aren’t enough taxes and spending for him. Why doesn’t he just run as a Democrat because that is what he is. He’s 70% Democrat.

He is feeding into the frenzy by the left-wing media and the Democrats who attack all Conservatives. After all, they believe we are all socialists now.

The Freedom Caucus has bucked the establishment and they are being made to pay, proving their point that they are being bullied.

They say they only want to be allowed a hearing and the right to vote no – they want to vote in line with the wishes of their constituents.

They have described intolerable a culture of fear,bullying, and retaliation.

Jim Jordan says Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are getting what they want but conservatives aren’t. Pelosi gets better treatment. That rings true now and that is why the Freedom Caucus formed.

When Rep. Meadows was dismissed from his committee for one procedural vote, they said they had enough.

Jim Jordan addressed the issue on the Laura Ingraham Show with no small amount of anger and confusion.

Jordan asked, “What is going on here?”

Ingraham responded by saying, “They want to enforce the rules, they want to enforce their rules. You will not challenge us, you will not have a different view on these issues and if you choose to go with the likes of Jim Jordan, you will be severely punished.”

“You will become the lowest of the low in the U.S. Congress,” she added. “This is what the mafia does. You know, I’m sorry, but this is a political mafia run up on Capitol Hill, that’s the way I see it. I don’t see this as a Republican Party that represents people like me and if they distance themselves from people like me, then, I don’t see how you’re going to build a constituency as you said to win the presidency. I don’t get it.”


  1. When we see stories like this, we know that our involvement is not enough; our sacrifices have been too small; that the victories are left to be won. If we turn aside now and give up in disgust, how little freedom must mean to us! We need to double down here, folks, not quit! This is only the end of the beginning.

  2. I have long held the belief that our country would have been better served had the planes on 9/11 flown into a full session of Congress rather than the Twin Towers. I flat guarantee you that better people died in New York, Pennsylvania and at the Pentagon.

  3. I want true conservative representation. Corruption seems widespread in our government and democrats appear to have become socialists. Our tax dollars are not being spent on issues I agree with. I have lost trust in elected officials. I want to get back to the guidelines of the constitution to have my rights protected. The present leadership is allowing a misguided president take America down by writing unconstitutional policies and bullying with government shutdowns. I want a conservative voice as House Leader, not a RINO. That is worthless as it will cause more of the same. Clean house as needed but bring appropriate functioning back to our leadership.

  4. Your remarks describe why I no longer have an interest in ANY political party stuff. It’s clear that there has long been a power structure that won’t allow for a return to a Constitutionally limited government. The third leg on that stool is the bureau-Rats and particularly those in the cabinet positions. The King’s Law is administrative laws.

    All three branches of government either have exceeded their Constitutional boundaries, or refuse to do what is expected of them in the Constitution to execute the limitations on the others.

    It would be better if they passed nothing rather than
    continue down this twisted awful road.

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