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The media and the FBI are going through hoops trying to figure out a motive for the terror killings in Chattanooga and they are trying to do it without mentioning radical Islam. CNN can’t seem to figure it out since the killer was such a good kid, though at least one guest said we need to look at guns. Within hours of the shootings, President Obama tweeted out his celebratory message to all Muslims in honor of the end of Ramadan.

In our modern day INGSOC, the Marines have the same capability of defending themselves as the rest of us – they can call 911.

CNN has a full-throttled disinformation campaign going on that.

Our government wouldn’t have a problem coming up with a motive if the terrorist in Chattanooga was a Tea Party member. Brian Ross of ABC immediately claimed an innocent Tea Party member might have been responsible when the real killer shot up the Aurora Theater in Colorado and killed 12 innocents. When Gabby Giffords and 17 others were shot in Arizona, both the Tea Party and Sarah Palin were immediately blamed.

Guns are always blamed.

A comedian appearing on CNN decided to make the slaughter of four Marines and the injuring of three more in Chattanooga about good Muslims and the problem of gun violence.

What does the weapon of choice have to do with this? The killer could just as easily made a bomb. exclusively obtained documents revealing his parents were caught in a messy divorce in 2009 with Abdulazeez’s mother alleging her husband beat her and sexually assaulted her in front of the children.

Just an average family, CNN reported.

CNN online posted a one-sided, whitewashed story about how great a kid Mohammod Youssef Abdulazeez was while speculating on what the motive could be since he was, after-all, a “great kid”. They didn’t mention the shooter’s father had been on a watch list.

His father had been investigated years ago for giving money to an organization with possible ties to terrorists, according to the New York Times. The FBI immediately came out and said he wasn’t convicted.

The shooter was a Kuwaiti-born Jordanian and a naturalized U.S. citizen, the New York Times reported, adding that he was an all-American kid, something all the major news outlets keep repeating.

The shooter secretly visited the mid-East several times, including Yemen, and spent months in Jordan last year, and avoided being caught, but our leaders don’t know what the motive could be.

Site Intelligence Group said his mother was Kuwaiti but his father was Palestinian. A Jordanian spokesman specifically said they were not considered Jordanian, they were Palestinian.

His sister was interviewed and said they were picked on for being Muslim.

A CNN analyst Tom Fuentes came out quickly to say we don’t know if the shooter was a Muslim.

CNN keeps repeating that there was no sign and they noticed he was good looking – that’s relevant.

Multiple media outlets in Cleveland reported that Abdulazeez, an electrical engineer, was briefly employed at Perry Nuclear Power Plant near Cleveland, Ohio in 2013, but failed to pass a background check. [As a point of interest, candidates have to take psychological tests]

The shooter and his family are very religious Muslims.

The FBI sees no terrorism link according to the bbc and is calling it an act of “domestic terrorism”.  They didn’t yet call it “workplace violence” as they did in the case of Fort Hood or the shooting of Pvt. William Long of Conway nor did they call it a racist murder as in the case of the beheading of Colleen Hufford whose killer was a radical jihadist.

The motive is unclear the FBI says. To be specific, the bbc reported that the FBI special agent in charge Ed Reinhold said that Abdulazeez was in possession of “numerous weapons” but that investigators had “no idea” of his motivations.

No idea?!?

SITE Intelligence Group, which tracks terrorist activities, said that Mr. Abdulazeez had this week posted at least two Islam-focused writings on a blog, including one in which he described life as “short and bitter.” He also said that Muslims should not miss “the opportunity to submit to Allah.” Yesterday was the last day of Ramadan when these types of crimes accelerate on military bases in hot spots throughout the world.

The blog titled “myabdulazeez” had a post that described life as a prison:

Subhnallah, this life we are living is nothing more than a test of our faith and patience. It was designed to separate the inhabitants of Paradise from the inhabitants of Hellfire, and to rank amongst them the best of the best and worst of the worst. Don’t let the society we live in deviate you from the task at hand. Take your study guide, the Quran and Sunnah, with strength and faith, and be firm as you live your short life in this prison called Dunya.

The FBI is investigating the information about the blog, but still has no idea.

Jihadists on Twitter are regaling the killer and at least one account is claiming he did it for IS, according to SITE Intelligence.


Not to be outdone, faux news reporter Andrea Mitchell at faux news station MSNBC, wondered if he was into guns in what could only be described as a non sequitur.

Barack Obama and authorities emphasized that it was the work of a lone gunman. You can see where they are going with that.

Within hours of the shooting, Barack and Michelle Obama issued a celebratory statement to Muslims around the world for Eid-ul-Fitr. The statement which was tweeted out said “while it marks the end of Ramadan, it marks a new beginning for each individual – a reason to celebrate and express gratitude for this holiday.” They wrote, “From my family to your, Eid Mubarek!”

In all likelihood, the killings were timed to coincide with the end of Ramadan.


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  1. Hey Obama.. ummm U need to get your head out ur ass Say what it really is .. Islamic Hate On America. . U o.k’d this crap now deal with it the right way. You allowed this to happen . Must be nice to have Guns guard you and your family when all other American people are open to Danger… And by the way the Burka offends me to… will 8 get in trouble if I burn it or is that allowed

    From an angry American

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