Inhofe on ‘Obama’s Atrocity’ – ‘We Must Talk About the Real Risk to Us Now’


Sen. Inhofe

Sen. James Inhofe
Senator James Inhofe thinks people should stop talking about Bergdahl and look at the dangerous situation we are now in because of the release of the five Taliban.

Senator Inhofe was in a closed door hearing last evening with a State rep, Intel rep, and Joint Chiefs, to discuss the releases. He said there was complete uniformity in opinion as to the seriousness of releasing the five Taliban.

“We have the five most dangerous people out there.”  We  must talk about “the real risk to us now,” warned Inhofe.

In speaking of Mr. Obama’s actions, he said, “First of all, we have a president, and his atrocity was that he turned loose the five most dangerous people that are over there; secondly, he told the Taliban exactly when the U.S. would go out regardless the conditions on the ground, but listen to the third thing, he told the Taliban that he’s going to declare an end to hostilities.”

“What that means is once you end hostilities, anyone who’s in there, you can turn loose. This president haas had an obsession to close GITMO now since before he was president of the United States. His legacy now is …to get it closed. And this is the price we have to pay to do that I suppose so the door’s can just open and he’d walk away. That’s a serious thing.”

“To let you know how dangerous these people are,” Inhofe quoted Mullah Salem Khan’s response, talking about the top guy who was released [Mullah Mohammad Fazil], he said, “His return is like pouring one hundred thousand fighters into the battle on the side of jihad. Now the Taliban have the right lion to lead them in the final moment before victory in Afghanistan.”

“This has given new life to them,” Inhofe said.

Khan said it’s the best news he has heard in at least 12 years, reported the Daily Beast.

Mullah Salem Khan, who is a Taliban commander in embattled Helmand province, told The Daily Beast over the telephone that when he heard the news, he pointed his Kalashnikov in the air and emptied 15 rounds toward the skies. “Allah Akbar!” he cried. “God is Great!”

Khan said that even when Mullah Fazil (sometimes written Fazl) was in Guantanamo his colleagues and fighters use his old letterhead and official stamp to inspire groups of Taliban in Helmand, Kandahar and Urozghan: “While Mullah Fazil was in the Guantanamo cages we kept his name living, and under the banner of ‘Mazloom Mahaz’”—one of Fazil’s noms de guerre—“more than 20 fronts were and are active in jihad in three provinces.”

“Mullah Fazil was a military tycoon and very close to Mullah Omar,” says Khan. “His freedom will definitely inspire the whole Taliban moment.”

Listen to Sen. Inhofe on The Kelly File last evening:

In December 2013,  Pakistan and Afghanistan released waves of Taliban prisoners in a goodwill gesture””but instead of returning home as promised, the radicals flocked to rejoin the fight against the West.

On the Taliban, Abdullah, told The Daily Beast exclusively that he is now more committed than ever to the jihad. “We are born for jihad and can”t sleep without the jihad,” he says, after just having returned from the front lines in southern Kandahar Province. “Long imprisonment hasn’t slowed down our momentum, resistance and commitment to the fight.” He says he is not grateful to Pakistan or Kabul for his release. “I”m not thankful to Karzai and my enemies in Pakistan for releasing me,” he says.

“Jails, torture and suffering won”t change our jihadist commitment,” he continued.

We can expect the same from the five terrorists released by Mr. Obama -his atrocity. They are very dangerous to U.S. Interests.

At the same time, Mr. Obama plans to release every GITMO prisoner, no matter what the cost.

The reason he released the five worst was to make the release of the remaining prisoners seem inconsequential. He wants it to be part of his legacy.

He is currently considering the release of Fouzi Khalid Abdullah al-Awda who has been at GITMO for 12 years. He was training to join the Taliban or al Qaeda when he was picked up. As a prisoner, he was hostile, though calmer over recent years.

If released, they would call it a transfer. He’d be sent to Kuwait and go into rehab for a year. From there, he could do whatever he wants.

Our service men and women died and were wounded capturing these terrorists, the ones Mr. Obama so freely and illegally releases. It is his atrocity.

Our congress is finding out what is going on from the news. Mr. Obama is acting like a dictator and tells them nothing, even after the fact. One senator said the briefings are less informative than the newspapers.


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