Innocent Until Proven Trump


Once again the media, and Democrats, are all atwitter over a member of the Trump Family being connected to Russia. Undaunted by one embarrassingly discredited, anti-president storyline after another, their reflexive, pathetic, partisan behavior continues; with Jr. now serving as a target.

The common theme with all these attacks is the charges, one after another, have proven false. Why? Because they’ve lacked what used to be an absolutely essential ingredient before leveling serious accusations. Evidence of any wrongdoing!

Time after time, based on bogus anonymous sources, the press has abandoned virtually all journalistic standards, while publicly convicting Trump Sr., or someone connected with him, of some heinous offense. Here’s a quick review of just a few of the low light, low life, swings and misses.

Claims made in a so called “Russian Dossier” were so preposterous, that even while it was being circulated to a salivating Trump hating press during the election, none of them saw fit publish the rubbish. Yet some how, after Trump won, Buzz Feed put it out there and others suddenly latched on. The sketchy crew behind the “dossier” has been exposed as a pro-Hillary, opposition-research group.

Rachel Maddow looked ridiculous after shilling her scoop on Donald Trump’s tax returns. She proved the real estate billionaire made lots of money and gave a ton in taxes. Oh, and he paid a higher tax rate than “share the wealth” Socialist, Bernie Sanders and “all world progressive”, Barack Obama.

The Washington Post reported Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein “threatened to resign after….the White House….cast him as a prime mover of the decision to fire Comey.” Mr. Rosenstein said, “No.” he never threatened to do so.

The New York Times along with other major “outlets” said FBI guy James Comey had, just before being canned, asked the Justice Department for more money and personnel to pursue the Russia intelligence probe. That was directly debunked the very next day by Deputy Director McCabe testifying, “I believe we have the adequate resources to do it…..”.

CNN’s Jeffery Toobin fake news reported that, “….the President is under investigation.” Comey himself later confirmed what apparently a number of people in Congress and the media knew, but strangely never “leaked”.   President Trump was right when claiming Mr. FBI had told him 3 times he wasn’t under investigation.

Based on unidentified sources, that same network also had breathlessly predicted, before Mr. Comey’s Senate testimony, he “would deny that he told the president he was not under investigation.”

Yet, even hot on the heels of those 2 fiascos, CNN proved it hadn’t learned a blasted thing. In late June the network dumped 3 of its “journalists” and was forced to retract and apologize for a phony story related to Donald ally, Anthony Scaramucci. They’d linked Scaramucci to a Russian investment fund supposedly being investigated by the Senate. CNN admitted they couldn’t stand by the reporting.

Meantime, while a desperate media/Democrat assault on President Trump throws as much crap against the wall to see what sticks, there has been specific damning information pointing to wrongdoing on the part of 3 giant D.C. players. We have Hillary Clinton with her home brewed server & inappropriately sharing classified documents. James Comey likely violated the Records Act & maybe leaked classified info. Lastly, Loretta Lynch should be looked at for possible obstruction of justice re: her Bill Clinton meeting and instructing Comey not describe the Hill probe as an investigation.

We’d like to simplify much of this by paraphrasing one really clever fellow. He characterized the whole swirl of hysterical Trump, Russia reporting as dubious probes in search of evidence, while the obvious misdeeds of Hillary and others offered clear evidence in need of some serious probes.

The latest media frenzy, this one aimed at Donald Jr. is continued proof that, in this climate of political lynching, there’s no longer a presumption of innocence until proven guilty.   Once identified as being in The Donald’s orbit, you are now only innocent until proven Trump. Guilty as smeared, and serious evidence be damned!   It is a media generated, Democrat supported, totalitarian template indicating some very perilous times ahead.


  1. At least 95% of Democrats/Main Stream press are obviously on a mission to destroy the Trump presidency. The really sad thing is that they do not care how their actions may hurt our country. Most of what they do and say about the Trump administration is fabricated, biased and/or harmful to the USA.
    In addition to the bogus press information, what they don’t report is almost worse than what they consistently lie about. No matter what Trump does that should be praised (and there is a long list)… they are silent… unless they can turn it around to look as if he committed some heinous act or was politically incorrect. For example, when the President and the First Lady visited with French leader Macron this week and had a very positive and successful meeting, the MSP focused on a long (29 second) handshake between President Trump and Brigitte Macron…. and repeated commentary and articles regarding practically every handshake between Trump and female dignitaries and every comment he has made praising the appearance of them. Really?

  2. Rats carry bubonic plague; sharing dirty needles spreads AIDs; drinking polluted water causes dysentery… so no one should be surprised that lying LIB jackals who work for the ENE-Media spread fake news about their opponents..

    It’s what they do…

  3. Many of us believe that the main stream media has always been the arm of the democrat party.
    Now it seems more likely that the democrat party is the arm of the media! Sorry to say that FOX has inched it’s way further to the dark side also.
    There is more and more reason to believe that the Democrat Party is the BIGGEST SECURITY THREAT to our Country!
    What’s more disturbing is the group of so called republicans (RHINOS) that are always quick to jump on the media bandwagon to discredit the President.

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