Innocent Woman Faces Years in Jail for Exercising Second Amendment Rights



Shaneen and her two children

An innocent woman who mistakenly took a gun into New Jersey will have to defend herself in front of a jury and if she loses, she is looking at a lengthy jail sentence. We hear about the horrendous Mexican laws keeping Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi in jail, but what about Shaneen Allen right here in New Jersey?

Shaneen Allen is a single Black mother of two young boys who faces 42 months in a New Jersey prison for possessing a gun and bullets she is legally allowed to carry in Pennsylvania.

She was stopped for making an unsafe lane change last October and was arrested after voluntarily – without being asked – telling the officer she had a handgun in her car.

Shaneen Allen has no prior criminal record. She had been robbed twice which is why she had the gun. She thought her Pennsylvania license protected her in New Jersey as it does in 30 other states.

We hear a lot about too many Blacks being arrested – how about this case? There is no reason to put a woman in jail for years because she made a mistake.

Actually, they have a reason. They want to make an example of her and send the message that people do not have the right to carry a gun.

Unfortunately, criminals don’t abide by the laws and all they are doing is making felons out of innocent, law-abiding citizens. Shaneen Allen has a permit to carry a gun, just not in New Jersey.

New Jersey has taken away the Second Amendment for all intents and purposes. You can’t even travel through the state with a gun by mistake?

They will not allow her to enter a pretrial diversion program in lieu of an expensive, stressful and humiliating trial.

Shaneen Allen was not committing a gun crime, something that seems to have eluded the prosecutor and the judge.

An innocent woman will be made into a felon by an unconstitutional law abusively administered.

Ironically, the same judge and prosecutor – Superior Court Judge Michael Donio and New Jersey District Attorney Jim McClain – who let professional football star Ray Rice avoid a trial after beating his wife unconscious are pushing forward with the prosecution of Shaneen Allen.

Her trial will take place in October.

The prosecutor and the judge should go to jail for malpractice.