Insane! Candidates want it to be legal to knowingly give someone HIV


Would you want it to be legal for your sexual partner to hide the fact that they’re HIV positive from you? Democratic presidential candidates want it to be legal.

A Vox article published this week said that state laws making it a crime to not disclose your HIV status “have only increased stigma and abuse.” While it was highly criticized, some Democratic candidates for president are now in agreement and are pushing for the laws to be repealed to reduce the stigma.

The presidential candidates will pick up on any far-left issue and run with it. One of those is Pete Buttigieg, son of a famous communist professor. He claimed at the Equality town hall this week that laws criminalizing HIV nondisclosure are “not fair and it needs to change.”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the new frontrunner wants the laws decriminalized. Sen. Cory Booker said the laws are “archaic” and have “no scientific basis.”

No scientific basis? Is he nuts?

The gay host Anderson Cooper thinks the laws are “antiquated” and based on “old science.” If someone deliberately infects a person, that is a crime and it’s one based on science. The laws must stand.

The pandering to the LGBT community is beyond insane and it won’t keep them safe. Ironically, it puts them in great danger.

If someone does infect someone by accident, that’s one thing, but everyone has the right to know if their partner has a dangerous, contagious disease. Reducing stigma should never mean you have to put people in unnecessary danger.

The left started the undetectable equals non-transmittable campaign a while ago based on several studies. An undetectable viral load reduces the likelihood of transmission by 96 percent, but what about the other 4 percent? The fact that it is morally evil doesn’t even fit into their thinking.

These people are insane. We have to stop them from going to these extremes and they do it for votes. They’re evil.

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4 years ago

There is NO cure for HIV, but
they’re trying to convince us that if a HIV positive patient is on treatment and has an undetectable test result, they can’t pass AIDs onto another person.
Undetectable doesn’t mean they’re cured, it just means the tests are unable to detect the virus because treatment has lowered it; and if the patient comes off treatment, the virus can multiply again.
The patient still has HIV, so why take the chance of passing the virus on?!

4 years ago

We need to bring our U.S troops back home and send these queers overseas as permanent replacement.

4 years ago

Your Brain Waves Are Undetectable .