Insane! Eureka Women’s March Canceled for a Ridiculous Reason


The Eureka Women’s March has been canceled because it’s too white. They won’t be marching in January but are preparing for a March event.

A press release cited a lack of diversity and stated that the decision was made after conversations with supporters and organizers:

“This decision was made after many conversations between local social-change organizers and supporters of the march.”

The press release stated:

“Up to this point, the participants have been overwhelmingly white, lacking representation from several perspectives in our community. Instead of pushing forward with crucial voices absent, the organizing team will take time for more outreach. Our goal is that planning will continue and we will be successful in creating an event that will build power and community engagement through connection between women that seek to improve the lives of all in our community.”

The group plans on celebrating International Women’s Day in March.

What if too many white women show up?

We knew the national organization is anti-Semitic, but this chapter’s anti-white thing is new. America has lost its way and the nuts are ruining the country.

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5 years ago

The NUTS have been running the country for decades. ONLY in the last decade it became amply apparent. Thank God We The People elected DJT! MAGA!

Sister Charlotte
Sister Charlotte
5 years ago

And “THEY” are trying to DESTROY POTUS TRUMP and our REPUBLIC we better take a STAND against this EVIL before they destroy him!!!