Insane LA! Moonbat goes crazy, attacks peaceful Trump supporters


A citizen journalist who goes by the name Brandon at That’s the Point, a Second Amendment advocacy group, captured on video crazed leftists at a peaceful rally of Trump supporters in LA and at an Antifa gathering,.

Brandon has his own YouTube channel and is on Patreon.

This past weekend a leftist thug, who was later arrested, verbally and physically assaulted Trump supporters at the rally.

The thug yelled,  ‘F**k Trump, you b*tch-ass n***ers!’

The crazed moonbat fascist jumped out of a car with traffic everywhere when he saw the Trump supporters and started screaming at a much smaller Asian man. His children and wife saw this performance from the car.

“F-ck Trump! F-ck Trump!” he screamed.

The Trump supporters cheered when he was arrested.

Brandon, who can also be found on Patreon as we mentioned, also walked into an Antifa mob at another time. Antifa self-describes as anarcho-communists.

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