Insane! US-Tied Ukraine NGO Puts Out Enemies List of Americans


The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity’s Daniel McAdams has exposed a US government-affiliated non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Ukraine, which has published an enemies list of US journalists, business leaders, media outlets, websites, and anyone who has been critical of the Biden administration.

NGO “Data Journalism Agency,” also known as (TEXTY), published a report last week titled “American Swing. From Trumpists to communists, who and how is campaigning for the end of aid to Ukraine.”

It is a list of anyone opposed to the war in Ukraine, or Biden, or the left in general.

Ukraine under Zelensky is a dictatorship tightly connected to the World Economic Forum.
Although the “enemies list” purports to correct disinformation about Ukraine spread by those on its list, the report itself is full of crude disinformation.

For example, this:

Even long-debunked myths continue to surface, such as claims of Nazi dominance and American Biolabs in Ukraine and the portrayal of the 2014 Revolution of Dignity as a coup.

Ron Paul Institute notes:

The organization’s assertion that these claims are “long-debunked” may be wishful thinking, but back on planet reality even mainstream, pro-Ukraine media sites in the US wring their hands over the disturbing, extremist images coming out of the country. For example, NBC News wrote that, “Ukraine’s Nazi problem is real, even if Putin’s ‘denazification’ claim isn’t.” Newsweek wondered, “Why Have So Many Neo-Nazis Rallied to Ukraine’s Cause?” Even before the current conflict, mainstream pro-Ukraine publications such as Reuters worried in 2918 about “Ukraine’s neo-Nazi problem.”

The founder of this NGO ( was TRAINED by the U.S. State Department. The list includes Robby Starbuck, who posted the information on X. Not only that, they receive US funds.

The hit list has 391 individuals and 76 organizations and includes:

@elonmusk, @DavidSacks, @Jim_Banks, @RandPaul, @JackPosobiec, @charliekirk11, @RealCandaceO, @JDVance1, @michaeljknowles, @HawleyMO, @Eric_Schmitt, @benshapiro, @RonDeSantis, @DonaldJTrumpJr, @realDonaldTrump, @Jim_Jordan, @LauraLoomer, @ggreenwald @TuckerCarlson, @RonPaul, @RepThomasMassie, @timburchett, @dbongino, @TateTheTalisman, @Cobratate, @RobertKennedyJr, Peter Thiel, Mike Flynn, Infowars, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Sen. Mike Lee, Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, Jack Posobiec, Benny Johnson, Matt Taibbi, One America News, Tim Pool, Glenn Beck, Heritage Foundation, Sen. Marsha Blackburn, Burgess Owens, Libertarian Party, Sarah Palin, Sen. Tom Cotton, Code Pink, The Daily Wire, …

and many more.

The list includes politicians, political movements and groups, media and journalists, experts, and think tanks (some individuals appear in multiple categories).

The founder’s name is Anatoly Bondarenko. He was trained at the State Department’s TechCamp and is now using that training to target US citizens with an enemies list.

They deny it’s an enemies list and claim it’s merely research, but these are warring people who include Nazis in their administration and military.

Robby Starbuck wants to know what the US is doing to protect the people on the list.

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