More Insanity from the College Left: Hiring Based on Skin Color But Not White


This is not what Martin Luther King Jr. had in mind! It looks like Barnard College, a bastion of leftism, might now hire new professors based on skin color but it won’t be white skin color.

They will soon be Howard University.

The reason a task force gave for this policy recommendation is there are “demonstrated benefits” of nonwhite faculty.

If people are white and better qualified, they are O-U-T, out.

The College Fix is reporting that it took Barnard’s task force on diversity and inclusion a year to come up with a set of draft recommendations to improve “representation, inclusion, and social justice” in the classroom and on campus.

In addition to hiring professors based on the fact that they’re not white, there will be mandatory social justice workshops for everybody and tutoring for minorities – not whites.

Barnard will have to go fundraise to accomplish this.

The recommendations note that Barnard won’t be “truly excellent” and won’t be a “leading liberal arts college” until it develops the programs to promote “diversity, inclusion and equity.” 

The mandatory workshops will “focus on developing cultural competence with respect to race, ethnicity, gender, class, disability, sexuality, religion, and intersectionality.”

How they will force people to take the workshops is not yet clear.

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