Intelligence Said Buzzfeed’s Fake News Is “Political Junk”


Intelligence officials never believed the Buzzfeed fake news story. It was only meant to be used as an example of what “political junk” looks like. The story was never part of the intel briefing. This story was truly the high point in fake news from the left. This is the smoking gun that destroys the story.

Intelligence Officials Said It’s “Political Junk”

Buzzfeed published a salacious fake news story they obtained from intelligence officials that they said was presented to Trump during last Friday’s briefing. It broke last night and Cosmopolitan, CNN, and Mother Jones blew it up as much as they could.

NBC News reported Wednesday, however, that the Buzzfeed story was only shown to Trump by intelligence officials to show what “political junk” is. Intelligence officials know it was not a real story.

NBC News report:

“…as far as they are concerned, and I’m going to quote now, “Intel and law enforcement officials agree that none of the investigations have found any conclusive or direct link between Donald Trump and the Russian government, period.”

They wanted it available, we are told, so that if they felt they needed to explain to the President-elect the difference between vetted intelligence…and this raw kind of disinformation that’s out there.

“This is the kind of political junk that’s out there, we don’t believe it.”

CNN’s Fake News Is Better Than Buzzfeed’s Fake News

CNN is trying to differentiate their fake news from Buzzfeed’s fake news. Lots of luck with that. How are we supposed to take CNN seriously? Even Jake Tapper was reporting this fake story as if it was credible.

Trump was right when he said CNN is fake news.

Remember when the Obama White House said Fox is a fake news network.

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