Intelligence Committee Rep: I’ve Never Seen Anything So “Highly Classified”


rep stewart

Rep. Chris Stewart of Utah told Fox News Wednesday that when it comes to Hillary’s emails, he has “never read anything so secret” even though he sits on a committee that handles top secret information. He also can’t imagine how anyone could read them and not realize they are “highly classified”.

Mrs. Clinton continually says she never sent or received emails that were classified at the time they were sent or received and they were all classified after the fact. Her latest claim is the emails only contained information already published by the New York Times.

The media is reporting that there are twenty-two emails but there are more than twenty-two emails, he continued.

Rep. Stewart has never read anything more “sensitive” and they do “reveal classified methods, they do reveal classified sources, and they do reveal human assets.”

Joe Biden should be announcing any day now, probably by March.


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