INVESTIGATE HER! Credible Mrs. Ford Is Not All That Credible It Seems


The hits just keep coming for Mrs. Blasey Ford. Her ex-boyfriend of six years said she never mentioned Kavanaugh or the sexual assault. He insists in a sworn statement that she instructed a friend, Monica McLean, on how to prepare for the polygraph. Blasey also cheated on him, and used his credit card illicitly, he testified.

Her testimony in general was very convenient in that she remembered enough to assail Judge Kavanaugh’s character but not enough to give anyone a chance to ever prove or disprove it.

Credible Christine has a mutual friend with the third accuser, faker Julie Swetnick. That friend, who is still anonymous, echoed the exact story Swetnick originally gave, only she went to 20 parties where she watched the girls swig punch spiked by Kavanaugh and Judge so they could later be raped.

Then there’s the NBC text story meant to bolster the second accuser’s case. Accuser Deborah Ramirez called around for weeks asking who flashed her at a party 35 years before because she didn’t remember. She settled on Kavanaugh but the gossips trying to help her out are failing in their job.

More about Blasey’s seeming lies here and here.


Then there’s the issue about her witness and former friend, the one she threw under the bus — Leland Keyser.

She testified that Ms. Keyser, her high school friend, was at the party in which she said she was groped by Brett Kavanaugh. While testifying, Blasey said Ms. Keyser had health problems and that’s why she — Leland — forgot the party. With such charity in her heart we are sure, Blasey said she was glad Leland was getting the help she needs.

But, as it happens, there’s more and the under the bus issue is possibly bigger than we thought.

The DailyMail reported Leland Keyser, was “completely blindsided” and left “reeling when Blasey named her as a corroborating witness.

Speaking exclusively to DailyMailTV a family member close to Keyser, 52, said: “Christine didn’t give her so much as a heads up – as far as I know they haven’t really spoken for several years and they’re certainly not close anymore.”

“Leland was completely blindsided by her name being thrown into it all. The first thing she knew about it was when she woke up on Thursday morning and her name was just everywhere. It was crazy.”

The family member who asked not to be named explained: “She’s just trying to get through it and hoping for it all to die down.”

“It really felt a lot like Christine was the one called to the principal’s office to give an account of something and just threw her under the bus. You know, just reached for a name.”

Keyser’s attorney, Howard J Walsh III, last night confirmed that his client has spoken with the FBI — for a third time — and that when she did so she could not corroborate Ford’s account.

Investigate Blasey Ford and her lawyers too.


Mrs. Ford’s Polygraph Friend Is FBI & Tied to Very Shady People

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5 years ago

Ford’s attorney’s as of now are yelling why the FBI hasn’t talked to Ford yet, hopefully the FBI asked at least these 2 questions to Leland Keyser #1, when was the last time you talked to Ford? (ford testified she talked to Leland Keyser recently) #2 do you have a medical condition that impairs your memory?(ford testified Leland Keyser has a medical condition suggesting her memory is impaired because of it) I hope they talk to Ford, and if Leland Keyser was asked these 2 questions, and her answers are not what Ford said in testimony, FRY HER A$$

John Vieira
John Vieira
5 years ago
Reply to  Zigmont


herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

This an entire smear job put together by professionals designed a blameless helpless female, so the Democrats can continue their race, gender, and sex crusade to take back congress/Senate and White House, pure politics ‘Nationalized’.

John Vieira
John Vieira
5 years ago