Investigative Report Shows AOC Might Never Have Lived in the Bronx


A New York Post investigation can find no real evidence that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lives in the Bronx or ever did, at least not since she was five years old.

That wouldn’t come as a surprise after she lied and said she grew up in the Bronx. The Socialist It Girl grew up in spiffy Yorktown.

Now we hear she might NEVER have lived in the Bronx, even while running for office in a Bronx district.


According to an investigation by the New York Post, prior to winning a seat in Congress and relocating to Washington, D.C,. the congresswoman claimed to be living at her deceased father’s one-bedroom Bronx apartment/condo. Yet none of the apartment’s neighbors can recall ever seeing her:

“Her apartment’s next-door neighbor said she had never seen Ocasio-Cortez. Another neighbor, who has lived down the hall from the congresswoman’s apartment for the last 40 years, said he’d never seen her or her boyfriend, Riley Roberts, who has claimed the address as his own since last spring.”

“I would have remembered,” one neighbor said after looking at a photo of AOC.

Even local business owners have no recollection of seeing her, except for after her campaign began, according to the Post: “Workers at Jerry’s Pizzeria, less than a block from her building, and at the local grocery store said she had never patronized their businesses — and a server at a nearby taqueria said the congresswoman had only come in to be filmed by news crews.”

The congresswoman posed in her father’s apartment for what looked like a phony Vogue photo following her midterm election victory last November:

We don’t know where she lived. They need to check out her boyfriend’s place.


When she filed the paperwork to run for Congress, she put the wrong district down. Maybe she forgot where she is supposed to live.

A postal work who delivers mail to her building said that in the past decade he’s only seen her a couple times and that mail tends to pile up in her mailbox fairly often.

“Just because their names are on the box doesn’t mean they live there,” the postal worker said.

She has no district office and no local phone number, unlike the state’s three other freshman members. She’s planning to open an expansive, $17,000 a month office in Jackson Heights, not the Bronx.

Cortez has rented a pad in a luxury building in the chic Navy Yard neighborhood, where studios start at $1,840 a month, according to the Washington Examiner. It comes with a rooftop pool, cycling studio, saunas, golf lounge and no low-income people.

Everything about this woman is phony, starting with the slick Democratic Socialist-produced campaign video following her from putting her makeup on in her Bronx apartment to taking a subway, and so on.

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Don McCoy
Don McCoy
3 years ago

Democrat hypocrisy knows NO bounds or shame at all…

3 years ago

Just like Barak Obama at Columbia University, no one seem to remember her being there. When is the average voter going to learn that any democrats word isn’t worth spit and stop voting for them?

Bennie Sprouse
Bennie Sprouse
3 years ago

Did Romney actually live in UTAH before running for the Senate this time? Does Maxine LIVE IN HER DISTRICT? I thought we had REQUIREMENTS! Too bad some of these people didn’t do a BETTER JOB BEFORE the PRIMARY!!

3 years ago
Reply to  Bennie Sprouse

Romney carpetbagged his way into Utah…He built a house and claimed it as his residence 3 years prior to running. Romney is a political hack, had a huge political machine given to him by retiring Sen. Hatch. Most of Utah can’t stand him.

3 years ago

Well if our last president Obama could get away with anything you know these do nothing idiots can. Apparently our constitution or laws means nothing anymore. You know his father was not a naturalized American citizen and everything about him was sealed so you couldn’t find out anything. But they are allowed to investigate everything about Trump down to what he eats in a day. It is hard to believe that the US has fell so far that we have phoneys like AOC and her other 2 Muslim cronies in our government. Pitiful! We are on our way down the drain.

herbert r richmond
3 years ago

A first-class phony as all Marxists are never beholden to facts or the truth, she is the poster child for Propaganda. Stalin and Lenin would be proud.