Investigative Reporter: Twitter Agents Censoring In a Shocking Way


James O’Keefe is the investigative reporter who is the left’s worst enemy and he has another shocking video you will want to see. He filmed engineers, agents, managers at Twitter talking about how they shadow ban, using people and algorithms.

You can send out a tweet and, based on trigger words, a filter, or people who are trolling you, the tweet will go nowhere and you will think people just didn’t like it. You will never know they buried you.

“It’s banning a way of talking”, says one manipulator. One said he is pretty sure every single person working at Twitter “hates Trump.”

“You have to go to Google to find the conservative,” says another.

Their culture is blatant censorship, systematically biased, and politically targeting. They also said they get requests to control the right from politicians all the time.

They explain how it’s done and you won’t believe it.

Listen to the entire clip. It really is shocking. These left-wingers in the social media organizations have tremendous power to control speech and thought.

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