iPhone Takes A Lickin’ and Keeps on Tickin’


Texas man with his iPhone

Having dropped my iPhone many times without it breaking, I wasn’t that surprised to hear about the iPhone that survived a 9,300 ft. fall.

Ben Wilson was flying his plane at 9,300 feet in the air when his door blew open several inches.

“That’ll wake you up,” Wilson, 74, told NBC News on Friday. “My Wall Street Journal got sucked out of the plane, and I just kept flying because we were close to home.”

It wasn’t until he landed that he realized his iPhone must have blown out with the paper.

His stepson John Kidwell pulled up the “Find My iPhone” app and they were both amazed to see the phone pop up.

Mr. Wilson wanted the 1,000 photos he had stored on his phone and his many contacts so the next day the two men got in the car and tracked the device 90 miles. They found it under a tree in a pasture in Joplin, Texas with nothing more than a few scratches. It was in perfect working order, still in its protective case.

He also met a friendly donkey who he says walked the pasture with him and helped him find it.



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