Iran and Obama Both Hate Sanctions and Netanyahu


Barack Obama wants a nuke “deal” at all costs, even going so far as to warn Congress not to threaten future sanctions for fear of discouraging Iran from accepting the deal that will allow them to be a threshold nuclear state.

Congress, concerned about Obama’s extensions, are looking at bills that will set a deadline to talks.

Friday, the Iranians helped him out by indirectly threatening Congress should they vote for any sanctions bill.

Iran’s foreign minister Javad Zarif said Friday that such a vote will probably kill a likely nuclear deal with the West.

Javad Zarif

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Zarif warned that Iran’s parliament will retaliate.

“A sanctions bill by the U.S. Congress will kill the joint plan of action that we adopted last year in Geneva,” he said. “Now the president of the United States has the power to veto it, but our parliament will have its counteraction.”

The Iranian parliament will “retaliate,” he added, by passing a bill to increase enrichment of uranium.

He held out the carrot that a “deal” will likely “come soon.”

We should be more concerned about getting a deal than not. It will only benefit Iran. It could mean our destruction.

On November 24 last year, IRGC commander Ali Jafari said at a conference at Shahid Modares University: “Today, the entire area of the occupied territories [Israel] is within range of the missiles of the resistance – meaning the fall of the Zionist regime. Of course, the matter does not end here, and certainly the final liberation [of Palestine] will come about.”

Also in November, according to MEMRI, the Iranian news agency Fars published statements by IRGC Aerospace Force and missile unit commander Amir Ali Hajizadeh and his deputy Majid Mousavi, both of whom claimed that the missile unit had been established in order to attack Israel. They said that Hizbullah is in possession of Iranian missiles with a range of 300 km, covering Israeli territory as far south as Dimona. Hajizadeh added that the IRGC and Hizbullah were a single apparatus.

Yesterday, Israeli TV aired video of new Iranian intercontinental missiles which have been developed over the last couple years.

The Houthi Shiites who successfully took over the Yemeni government are Iranian-backed. At a press conference Friday, Press Secretary Josh Ernest tried to disconnect Iran from the Houthis who are funded, armed and trained by the Iranians.

Obama doesn’t want to have to deal with it because it might affect his nuke deal. The administration wants a deal no matter how bad a deal it is.

Our allies – Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia are completely surrounded by Iran and al Qaeda. Expect an arms race soon, especially if Obama allows Iran to become a threshold nuclear power.

Prime Minister Netanyahu was invited to speak before Congress by Speaker John Boehner. The White House is infuriated and has lashed out in a cowardly manner. Anonymous U.S. officials have been insulting Netanyahu for the past couple days.

American officials are said to have told Haaretz that Netanyahu “spat” in Obama’s face in agreeing to speak to Congress without alerting the White House.

“We thought we’ve seen everything,” the newspaper quoted an unnamed senior US official as saying. “But Bibi managed to surprise even us.

“There are things you simply don’t do. He spat in our face publicly and that’s no way to behave,” they said according to Times of Israel.

“It will be hard to trust Netanyahu” after latest bust-up, US officials reportedly say.

The alleged reason Barack Obama will not speak with Netanyahu when he comes to the United Stats is because he doesn’t want to influence the upcoming Israeli election but he doesn’t mind influencing the election by insulting Netanyahu.

On the other hand, Obama has kind words for Iran.

John Kerry, for his part, worries more about convincing everyone that Islam is the religion of peace than he does about Iran’s real intentions which will unfold if we work out this “deal”.



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